Saturday, June 07, 2008

Oh, Happy Day!

Finally, Ethan has stopped kissing pretty girls long enough to master the "tr" sound, so now he can actually say the word "truck".

While this doesn't seem like a major milestone, along the lines of first tooth or first steps, it is MONUMENTAL when you consider what word he was saying, nay SHOUTING, in lieu of "truck" whenever the situation called for such an outburst. You might recall his word for "truck" sounded horrifyingly like a word used to name male genitalia.

You'd be amazed at how often a child has the need to shout the word "truck!!!" (keep in mind, if it was my son, prior to today, he would be shouting "cock!!")--on the street, when a "cock" drives by; when the siren of the "firecock" is wailing down the street; in the toy section of Target, where there are "big cocks! big cocks!" And the list goes on.

I'd keep coming up with examples, but reliving it all is pretty traumatic, as you can imagine. We endured several months of either dirty looks or snickering, and our constant need to apologize self-deprecatingly to the parents of toddlers with virgin ears anywhere within a 5 mile radius of our child.

So it was obviously a huge relief today when I heard Ethan say, loud and clear, in the aisle formerly called the "cock aisle" of Target, "TRUCK!" Sweet Jesus, I think I might have shed a tear!

We can go out in public again without fear of people thinking our child has Tourettes. It is a happy day in the Land o' E, my friends.


Stephanie said...


Thank God for no more "cock!".

Becca said...

Ha! Tourettes! My parents had a friend whose son said "shit" instead of fish. She couldn't take him to certain parts of the grocery store. Charlie says "ruck" for truck. I had no idea how lucky I was!

Crystal said...

We're right there with ya--Keira is obsessed with clocks but doesn't have an "l" sound yet, so she sat on my lap at a large meeting the other day yelling, "COCK?!" constantly because there was one on the wall. A clock, I mean, not a cock. Oy.

Sarah said...

My favorite has to be firecock-- that's awesome.

cicadalady said...

that is too funny. lu struggles with 'R' sounds too.