Thursday, July 30, 2009

BlogHer09--the picture book version...

My view from 37,000 feet. Well, my view when both the person in the center seat and window seat got up to use the bathroom.

The menu at the restaurant we ate at the first night. Purty.

Yes, I took a picture of the meat. It is the meat that tempted me to abandon my foray into the world of vegetarianism. And? Worth every bite. 

A whole bunch o' bloggers

Sarah's arch-nemesis shows his whiny, bald little mug at the first party.   Calliou and alcohol?  Not a good combination.

nothing like some weird-ass parties that are too full of people grabbing at swag to get you back up to your room for some comfort food.  

and blogging about it.  Can you say "geeks"? 

Chicago from our room.  

A little bit o' sight-seeing.  The Tribune building.  

The Tribune building has pieces of other structures from all over the world embedded in it's stones.  Very cool.

Ginormous American Gothic in the Tribune square.  I think I had a nightmare about those two coming to life and pillaging the city. 

I dig the juxtoposition of the architecture in this picture.  I think that's the Wrigley building and the new Trump building (is that the one the first Apprentice oversaw the construction of?)

Yeah, that's me and Amalah.  We are like totally BFFs now.  If by "BFFs" you mean she was very gracious when I ran over, interrupted her conversation with an actual friend, started fawning over her child (who was so overcome with emotion at meeting me that he promptly passed out in the ergo), talked to her just long enough to seem creepy, and asked if I could take our picture like she was Maya Freaking Angelou and I had to have this moment of my brush with fame forever captured.  Oh, yeah, in hindsight, I'm not at ALL embarrassed.  Nope. 

Um.  Finding the Geek Lab?  Was tough. 

And thus commence the drunken we are looking sober at the beginning of the night. 

Me and Becca.  We had an interesting conversation about Rahm Emmanuel that I will not discuss here.  But she knows...

Two drunk Sarahs--that's what we'll call our band.  And seriously, why could I not convince any of the other girls to wear the cheesy tiaras they were handing out?  

Me and Amy.  Poor pregnant lady had to watch us get more and more ridiculous as the night went on.  I'm so grateful she's still speaking to me. 

The unicorn cake at the MamaPop party.  We stayed long enough to take a picture of the cake and kind of realize that no one was going to talk to us (and they wouldn't let the other drunk Sarah in).  So we left...

Only I could take a horrible picture of Tim Gunn.  And there he is, hawking Tide detergent in the Expo area. 

And in the "we have even less dignity than Tim Gunn over there, wearing his shmancy suit and schilling Tide detergent" category, we have the ALL detergent fairies.  Yeah, that guy is wearing

My only evidence of the rooftop party I attended on the last night.  That's definitely the Sears tower.  Or something.  

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Wordless Wednesday

I know I promised pictures of BlogHer today, but there's been a little change in plans.  Last night we found out that Noni, Lucy and Evie, a few of Ethan's best friends, are moving.  Like today.   Moving in one block away the same week did a year ago, the girls have been a huge part of Ethan's daily life and he absolutely adores them.  I tried to explain to him this morning that they won't be living near us anymore, that they're going to be far away.  But you know, he's three, so it's kind of in one ear and out the other and "when can we go see Noni in her new house?!" 

I figured today, I'd rather use my pictures to go back over the past year with the Murdock girls. You can see from the photos that they came into our lives on the 4th of July and are driving away almost exactly one year later.  What happened in between were trips to the beach, holidays, the election, playing at the park, birthdays, trips to zoos and museums, and a whole lot of smiles. We're so excited for the new adventure they're embarking upon,  but we will miss them every day.