Friday, July 04, 2008

Hello, Good Buy

Otherwise called "The One Where I Admit to a Serious Target Addiction"

I have lived in Los Angeles for seven days (and I use the term "living" loosely considering we are still setting up camp at the Residence Inn). I have been to days in a row. What is wrong with me?? I live in a hotel for cripes sake! Where am I putting all this stuff?

In my defense, not one of those trips has been out of boredom or desperation (Husband would cough the word "liar", if he were reading over my shoulder, but he can just start his own blog if he's got something to say about it, mkay?). Each trip, each day, has had a specific purpose that hadn't presented itself the day before (plus, I think breaking the trips up might do a bit to keep the credit card company from calling to ask if my card's been stolen by a crazed spendaholic who thinks Target is the only store on Earth).

During the first few days we were here, we thought nothing of the daily trips. "Let's get some snacks, milk and water for the hotel room!" Done. Next day. "You know, if we're going to be here for a week, I think we should get some regular shampoo, conditioner and body soap so we don't have to use the hotel's freebies the whole time." Done. Oh, I also bought a cowboy hat that day. It's kicky. I will probably only wear it once, then catch sight of myself in a shop window and be HORRIFIED that I thought I could pull off a low-cost (or any cost, for that matter) cowboy hat and throw it in the nearest trash receptacle. But I had to have it. Sarah wrote about this in her blog the other day and I assure you, Sarah, I'm not trying to copy--this phenomenon of "going in for "this and that", but coming out with "this, that and eleventy billion others" is the story of my love affair with Target.

Then there was the day of "You mean the moving truck won't get here until NEXT Monday? This child HAS to have some toys by then or we will all end up on the evening news!!" Done. Next day..."We're going to the beach tomorrow? We have no beach towels!!" Done. On that trip, I also realized I'd forgotten where our baby sunscreen had gotten to, so I had to buy more. And more water and snacks.

Today? Nail polish remover. Baby thermometer. Baby nail clippers. Little Tykes Cozy Coupe, aka the Flintstones car. Our friends, Toby and Kita's, girls have one and we cannot go over there without Ethan becoming a screaming, howling, weeping mess when I try to unglue him from the car. And really, they have three kids of their own, so having them adopt him for the sake of avoiding that scene is something I'm not really comfortable asking them to do. Maybe if they only had two of their own, you know? Yes, the tantrum is that bad!

So we bought him his own today, shoved it in the car next to him on the way home and then had to deal with the trantrum he threw at just removing him from such a close proximity to the box itself. I'm not sure what's going to happen when we actually put it together and tell him it's his to keep. He will either A.) lose interest in 10 minutes or B.) insist on living, breathing, eating and sleeping in it all. summer. long. We shall see.

So that's it. Seven days of living in LA; seven days of Target. I can't stand it. I need to detox. No more Target this coming week.

Wait. No. I didn't say that. Maybe just no Target weekend. Maybe.


Leap Year Dad said...

Well, you know, Target (pronounced tar-JEY) is French for Wal-mart. Hopefully, the credit card company will rescue you before you become the "Where the Heart Is" sequel. "She's movin'-on-up and living in Target with a two year old. The Home life section will never be the same."

Of course, is your Target two stories with a separate escalator just for the carts? Not as good as the Boston Woolworth, with 3 or 4 stories, with all the escalators, but without the budgies flying around (i.e. Nashua Woolworth) (Flashbacks to Dunkin' Donuts commercials)

Two sites:
(Pixar parody from Wall-E (two thumbs up !) and for more consumerism sarcasm.

- Jim

Crystal said...

Target is more than just a store--it's a home away from home. It was my refuge when Keira was a colicky newborn and I needed somewhere to go while everyone else I knew went to their so-called "jobs" or whatever...and the obsession did not end there. Suffice it to say that my child says, "Pretzel n' drink?" every time she spots the Target sign.

Becca said...

Target got me through my maternity leave!! A Starbucks and a large heated space in which to walk with a newborn who slept whenever he was moving? For FREE?

Isn't it easy to spend money after you move? I dropped like $150 at the grocery store like it was nothing one day. Usually I spend $20 per trip!