Monday, February 09, 2009

An FYI: Drumming Up Bloggy Biz

Well, not really business, because lord knows I don't know how to make a nickel off of this blog, but at least, drumming up readers. For my other blog. If you like to read, are looking for a good book, or are maybe minimally interested in what I've been reading, I've become more diligent in keeping up with my reading blog: Frustrated English Teacher (link over there ----> on the side of this blog).

I've been reading lots of other book blogs out there and can I say, "yowza". Some of these people are hard.core. about reading. And writing about reading. And challenging each other to read certain things, like books that have won certain awards or books that have the word "orange" in their title. Last year, I tried to complete a challenge of reading books that had won Booker Prizes over the years, but only got through two before my brain started to melt with the literary loftiness of it all. I LOVE reading a great piece of literature, but I was a bit overwhelmed by the "challenge" aspect of it---can you say, "homework"? Still though, I'm a bit envious of those readers and bloggers who can give themselves over to it all so enthusiastically and with such passionate abandon.

There are entire communities of readers who have daily and/or weekly discussions with each other via their blogs, through sets of questions or shared 'assignments'. I've decided to give in to my need to commune with fellow book nerds by participating in the Tuesday and Thursday assignments (you can see what they are on the left-hand side of FET), and I've added a whole bunch of new reading blogs so even if you couldn't give a rat's hairy butt what I'm reading or what I think of what I'm reading, you might find something someone else has to say of interest.

So feel free to pop over to Frustrated English Teacher, check it out and leave me a comment about what you're reading and if you're loving it or wishing you'd never picked it up. The English teacher in me needs a fix.

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