Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Three is the Magic Number...

Before I get into the story of the 4-day span that was the Ethan's Third Birthday Extravaganza, let's just take a peek at what "3" itself is looking like for us...this is the roll of toilet paper we are currently using, courtesy of our three year old .

Thanks, little man. This is all I could do with it after Ethan tp'd our living room. I have a feeling it's not going to be the last roll of toilet paper I find strewn throughout the house during the coming year(s?!).

So, let's talk birthday, shall we? On Saturday morning, we held E's party at a local play room. First--let me say something about renting out a place to hold a pre-schooler's birthday. A place with a bounce-house and a ball-pit and every conceivable type of ride-on toy. And a place where the staff sets everything up for you the morning of the party and cleans up everything for you the second the party is over. What do I want to say about renting a place to hold a pre-schooler's birthday at a place like this? DO IT. Just do it.

I didn't have to clean my house before the party. I didn't have to clean my house after the party. I didn't set a table or put together a centerpiece. I wasn't in charge of picking out the music or of coming up with games or entertainment for 20 toddlers. I just dropped a bunch of paper plates and table clothes off the day before the party, then brought coffee, bagels, cream cheese and cupcakes the morning of the party. They took everything out of my hands as I walked through the door and POOF! I was a guest at my son's birthday party instead of the hostess. It was freaking awwwwwwwesome!

Okay, so there was much revelry. Shall we take a peek?

We went with a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse theme. Can you tell?

Ahhh, a few moments alone in the bounce-house before the festivities begin...

Here, Mama. Put that camera down and use this camera instead. Maybe you can focus this one better. You're not a good photographer, Mama. Stop pretending.

Driving while under the influence of being 3 years old...

"playing" air hockey.

Moustaches are indeed coming back here in Hollywood. Please note Ethan's very chic cupcake frosting moustache. All the rage in the under 5 crowd.

Ethan and his friend, Nora.

Ethan and his friend Dashiell.

This may or may not have been some "itsy bitsy spider" action.

oh, the cupcakey deliciousness of it all...

If you edit me out, this is SO a mug-shot of a 3 year old, nabbed for stealing cupcakes...

Ethan and friends: Ethan giving Alex the hairy eyeball. Nora wondering when she can get down and away from all these crazy boys.

So. Much. Sugar. In. My. System. Help. Me.

Ethan and Sidney on the brontosaurus teeter-totter.

Okay, so the party? A huge success. What wasn't a huge success? The eight hours from the time it ended until bedtime. Let's just say that non-stop energy and sugar supplied from 10am-12noon results in monster tantrums and general malaise until the body completely shuts down and sleeps for 10-12 hours. Those eight hours comprised much pouting, crying, whining, foot-stomping and all-around crankiness. It was not much fun. For any of us. We broke up the fits o' toddler sugar withdrawals by opening presents, taking walks, begging him to stop behaving like....a three year old. Damn it.

On Tuesday morning, Ethan's actual birthday, we piled into the car and drove our way to Disney Land. Or, in the mind of a 3 year old, "Mickey's House". I'll write about that tomorrow. Mama's tired.


Sarah said...

Happy Birthday!! That looked like a super fun party-- we are doing Harry's @ Little Gym, and I am excited to just supply (as they claim) the kid, the cake, and the camera!!! Can't wait to hear about Mickey's House!

Becca said...

LOL "stop behaving like a 3 year old." The party place looks perfect! What fun!! I love that you didn't have to prepare, plan, or clean up.

Alice said...

Happy Birthday Ethan! Wow 3! Good job Mama. The party place sounds like the way to go, the no cleaning alone sounds like heaven.

Amy said...

I will never again host a party at my own home, no matter the cost of said establishment. We had Jack's at a bounce-house place and it was awesome.

Happy Birthday Ethan! I feel like it was just yesterday we were seeing the pictures of him lounging in his "sunglasses" in the NICU.

Congrats, to you too, Mommy -- you made it another year without losing your mind!

cicadalady said...

it was a great party, thank you! i love the out of the house party too.

KMW said...

I was wondering about Mickey Mouse being so prevalent in his consciousness since it doesn't seem to be the character of concentration around here, and at the end I realized: OMG you live DRIVING distance to DISNEY LAND?? That must be a 3 year old's version of crack. I still remember my first visit to Disney World (east coaster) and I get a flash back high.

Great post and happy bday to Ethan. I remember those sunglasses too. We've all come a long way, haven't we?