Thursday, April 08, 2010


Inspired by all the pretty colors of spring, Ethan and I got up bright & early on Monday morning and hit up Target to scoop up a bunch of egg-dying and Easter-y baking stuff. It being the day after Easter, all that stuff ceased to be adorned with some sort of religious connotation and simply became awesome artsy-craftsy activity fodder. So, you know. Cool for Jews.

Before I regale you with anecdotes and pictures of our day (heavy on the picture, light on the anecdote), let me take a moment to issue an apology. To my Old Target. You see, when we first moved north, I had to drive to the next town over to the closest Target. It is a lovely store, but when a Super Duper Target Extraordinaire!!!!! opened up less than a mile from my house, I abandoned Old Target. For New Target. I dropped Old Target like a bad habit. And alas, I regret it. For the past four months, I have gnashed my teeth while prowling the aisles of the New Target, trying to find what I need. Be it saline solution, Tom's of Maine's strawberry flavored kid's toothpaste, or white Christmas lights, New Target, even though it started out so brilliantly bright and beautiful you couldn't look directly at it without burning your corneas, is woefully understocked and almost entirely disappointing.

Whenever New Target lets me down and I journey one town over to Old Target only to find exactly what I need, I am reminded of what I cad I was to dump Old Target, which may be a little worn around the edges, just because New Target was, well, newer. So, Old Target, I'm sorry. I'm coming back to you, I'm done with New Target. It might be shiny and pretty, but it's got no substance.

Case in point? New Target? Had no egg dying kits. No baking tins. No plastic eggs. They had one tiny, almost entirely picked over aisle of gross candy. I'm talking, not even one package of Peeps, people! Old Target? Dying kits!! Baking tins! Cookie cutters! Plastic Eggs!! Peeps! YAY!!!

So we came home and did some of this:

Ethan and his friend filled cupcake tins so I could pour some batter. (please note the Seder plate frogs are multiplying. We might have a bit of a plague on our own hands here. Creepy plastic frog plague).

Then we frosted the cupcakes with green and pink frosting.

...and jelly beans....

...and Peeps...

Then we did some of this:

he's pretty happy.

I don't know from dyed eggs, but we had fun


Kristen @ Motherese said...

My closest Target is over an hour away so I am jealous of even your woefully understocked New Target. :)

Amy said...

We celebrate Easter and I wouldn't let my kids within 10 feet of egg dye, so you are a better woman than I!