Tuesday, July 13, 2010

What's In a Name?

So here's the deal folks. This blog? It needs a new name.

It's been over 4 years since this mama spent any length of time at a 45-degree angle. As a matter of fact, unless I'm lounging at a friend's house during a marathon play date where our children have taken off to parts of the house unknown (I love preschoolers), I am rarely at a 45-degree angle, ever, these days.

And as the odds of me being pregnant, and therefore on bedrest again, are on a par with, say, the planets aligning or me voting for a Palin/Bachmann ticket in 2012, I probably WON'T be at a 45-degree angle again in my future.

Also? On the rare occasion that I check my analytics (thank you to the 10 of you who spend more than :53 seconds on my blog), I find that far too many people come to my blog after googling for information about temperatures or, and I quote: "how do i know when i am at 45 degrees when parking a car." So. You know. Not so much with the relevance.
It's sad for me to give up the Life at 45 Degrees name because I've had it for so long, but as I've learned over & over again in the past couple of years--change can be good. Sigh.

So tell me. If you had to rename my blog--what would you call it? Be nice, now. I'm having quite a time, as most of the titles I'm coming up with already taken & I don't want to step on any proverbial toes out there in the blogosphere. And given that I know some of my readers personally, and read so many of your blogs, which are a gazillion times better than mine, I know you all are more creative than me. So there's your mission, should you choose to accept it. Rename my blog.

There's a Starbucks gift card in it for the winner.


Maria @BOREDmommy said...

How about:

Schubie (yes I'm a genius)


Schubie Doobie Doo



Leap Year Dad said...

how about


or for the E-man


Cheers - jim

Anonymous said...

life after 45 hahaha:) people will think ur 45+ years old ,,just kidding
ok here are some of mine:
1.Aouta baby who survived my cervix
3.about a boy(like the movie with the same name)
4.Three is a crowd not
5.babycheeks(since u keep referring to it)
6.Survivor_toddler years

Corinne said...

I am so bad with titles... but I love Starbucks... and we just cut it out of our budget... so... ;)

Ethan and Me
(totally original ;))
West Coast Rambles or Rambles from the West Coast
Life of Three

I'm trying to think of something Beatles related... Little Lennon? :)

I'll think of some and get back to you...

Christy said...

Sarah Smiles Sometimes

Crafty is the new black said...

OMG...Sarahnity is perfect (but only if you know how sarcastic it is)

referencing our conversation today, how about

WhyIDontHateParenting or MomNotMiserable ?? (kidding)

WonderfulEandMe (of course, that kinda takes P outta the picture! It also sounds a little drug related.)

Susan T said...

How fun Sarah! I did a Beatles song search and found,

"Lend Me Your Comb" (for all your hair antics and E's)

"Mr. Moonlight" (for all your bedtime antics)

"This Boy" (a little plain but sometimes that's a good thing!)

Have fun with this!


Anonymous said...

sorry spelling mistake
1.About a baby who survived my ecrvix

new one
2.A stitch in time saved mine

Anonymous said...

omg sorry
1.about a boy who survived my cervix

lonek8 said...

Loved the title Life at 45 Degrees, love the new title. Will always read you blog no matter what it's called.

ps: glad you had already picked something before I commented since nothing I come up with will be helpful - my title has obscure vocabulary words no one can even define!

Anonymous said...

"Days of Whine and Poses"