Saturday, October 23, 2010

Parks and Rec

Guys, Ethan is not adjusting to autumn so well. As I greet the day giddy at the sight of clouds out my window and the sound of rain tapping on the roof, he is becoming increasingly forlorn at this turn of climatic events.

"When is the sun going to come back?" he asked earlier this week, after two measly days of cloudy, cool weather. His assimilation to Californian boy is complete. I fear he is in for quite a rude awakening as the fall and winter wear on and it rains like it's never going to stop (14 days in a row at one point this past winter). I should probably contact my doctor for the Zoloft prescription now, just to be prepared (for me, not him! well, maybe him. I kid).

So after school on Friday, taking advantage of the increasing space in between rain drops and a couple breaks in the clouds, we headed to the park.

He won't be scaling Everest any time soon, people. But with some help from mom he managed to get to the top of the rock wall. I would have taken pictures of that, but I had one hand on his butt to keep him from falling.

Then we made our way over to the swings.

Serious boy contemplates sunnier days:

Then decides to get his twirly swing on & the fun begins:

We've been so busy lately with play dates (seriously yesterday Ethan play-dated from 9am-5pm, like it was his job, people), and house guests and birthday parties that we've not taken much time at all to just hang out and *be.* It was so nice to have no agenda, no place to be, no plan and to just run around the park, twirl on the swings and kick the soccer ball around. I'm thinking that as long as Ethan can tolerate dashing in between a few rain drops, and putting on a couple extra layers we will have an un-plan to go play at the park as much as we can this fall.

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Becca said...

Sounds perfect!! We're back in the nineties today. NINETIES. 14 days of rain is sounding pretty nice.