Monday, February 27, 2012

Best Comment Evar!

So my last post a couple weeks ago about the The Fresh Beat Band garnered comments from my best bloggy friend, and yes, Amy, at first opportunity, we will be taking Ethan to see Paul McCartney (pleeeeeeeease don't drop dead, Sir Paul, until my kid has been in your presence--pleeeeeeeeasssseee!), and Sarah, I may have spit my drink out when you compared the first Marina to 90210's Andrea (pronounced, Awwwndraya, please).

But by far, my favorite comment on this post was left by "someone" called Fresh Beat Concert Tickets (her parents must have been clairvoyant hippies with bad taste in music), and it went something like this (Well, actually that's exactly how it went because I couldn't make up or edit these sentences no matter how hard I tried...)

The Fresh Beat Band is one of the most popular Band in our children’s and as well as youth also. The main thing in these are to target the child and use the memory of every person childhood life... I love TFBD


What now?

I just....I don't....WHAT?!!

Now this is not the first spam comment I've gotten before. Its not even the first one in which the grammar and usage has left a bit to be desired. But seriously, as a former English teacher, this comment makes my eye tic. Is someone being paid by some business to leave that comment? And do they know that the person they are paying to leave that comment is randomly picking words out of a thesaurus and threw the words Fresh Beat Band in there for good measure?

I have to say the phrase "target the children" made me look twice. Target them? That's pretty aggressive language for someone trying to promote a happy bouncy, loudly color-blocked quartet of kiddie entertainers who sing about friendship & the joy of making music.

So very weird. Perhaps my next career could consist of providing style & composition classes for blog spammers, because if we're going to get these types of comments anyway, they may as well be written in a way that does not make our eyes bleed. But then, I guess it wouldn't be nearly as much fun to mock them. And I do like mocking them.

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Becca said...

ESL maybe? That is crazy!