Monday, March 05, 2012

Ethan Glitter....

So Ethan went to a birthday party yesterday for one of his oldest girl friends. It *might* have been at a girlie make over place. And he *might* have been the only boy there. But he had a blast and the make over girls did an awesome job at transforming him into a glittery rock star--

Being a bit old school myself, I wasn't so pleased with the headset mic--with that on he looks more like a phone operator than a rock star, but I guess we live in a world where Justin Bieber is for better or worse, relevant, so "rock star" headset mic it is.

That was a whole lot of glitter. And whoever said that glitter is the herpes of the craft world because once you get it, you can never get rid of it? is right. Once the face paint under the glitter started to crackle and Ethan complained of the itchiness, we put Operation Futile Attempt to Wash Off Glitter into place. Twenty cotton balls and almost a whole bottle of baby oil later, the face paint was gone, and while some of the glitter had become one with the cotton balls, much of it was simply smeared out of its neat star formation and sparkling all over Ethan's face. Shiny!

And then there was finding all the bobbie pins in his hair and washing out the glittery red, silver and blue hairspray. Apparently there had been an attempt to faux-hawk his hair up which failed and led to this faux-cornrow look instead. We decided the only way to keep the colored hairspray and glitter from washing all over his whole body was to kick it old school and lay him down on the kitchen counter, using the kitchen sink to wash his hair.

There was a lot of glitter in my sink. My apologies to anyone who eats at my home any time in the next few years. No matter how much I scrub, you will surely end up with some glitter on your plates and/or utensil, and therefore in your food and likely your digestive tract. I'm sorry to be be-dazzling your intestines.

When the majority of the glitter & paint was out of his hair (and he had stopped screaming about how much he hated having his hair washed in the sink), I chased him around with a towel, not letting him sit on furniture without his hair wrapped up because there were still red and blue patches in it.

An evening bath and hair washing later, it seems as though *most* of the glitter and hairspray was gone. Most.

Last night, when I went in to check on him while he slept, I couldn't help but smile at the few little flecks sparkling on his nose in the glow of the nightlight.


Becca said...

That is fantastic!! Love the look. What a perfect party for your music lover.

Charlie and Wes made a yellow brick road through the living room with a tube of glitter. We gave up and hired professional carpet cleaners

lonek8 said...

oh god, glitter! I used to do this dance show every year, and we'd wear glitter eyeshadow. By the third night of the show I barely had to reapply it - it tooks weeks to stop sparkling!

btw, Ethan is way too handsome for words. If he keeps up his interest in music, he could be a rock star no problem!

cicadalady said...

Ha! Love the photos. So true about glitter too. The girls painted my nails with their glitter polish at their "spa" and three weeks later I STILL can't get the glitter off.

Sarah said...

What an awesome birthday party!! He's adorable all sparkly.