Sunday, April 22, 2007

Since we're getting all nostalgic...

Today I took Ethan to the park with a couple of my mommy-friends (as an aside, how long do I have to know these women before I can simply call them "my friends"? It's a weird delineation between the women I knew before I was Ethan's mama and the friends I have made since, and by and large, because of him. Doesn't mean I like them any less, but I always feel compelled to identify them beyond just "friend". Weird.)

As I was saying...we went to the park. The same park that Husband & I took Ethan to several months ago when he was just a wee lad.

Okay, maybe not so "wee" considering that onesie still fits. It's tighter, but it fits...

Today, the swings were far more the stuff that giggly childhood fun is made of.

One hand on the wheel, one out the little man is the king of cool


Andrea said...

Okay, could he be any cuter?! I just want to eat him up!

Amy said...

My man E on the swings! He looks like such a playground pimp.

I do understand the whole "mom friends" thing. I also have no idea why I do that.

Although the other day I was telling my husband you might be coming to Chicago this summer and I referred to you, as I always do, as "that girl who's blog I read that's my pregnancy twin."