Friday, March 28, 2008

23 month old SWM, ISO play grounds play group digs
...copious tubes of SPF friends for Mama (don't be surprised if she cries a LOT at first; she's way emotional)
please respond to Ethan McCutiepants if you live in the LOS ANGELES area...

Yeah, that's right. Los Angeles. Hold on, let me get my paper bag (it's for breathing into; I don't bother to hide the booze anymore).

Okay. Yes, Husband, man o' my dreams, bread-winner extraordinaire, love of my life had indeed been offered and has accepted a position which is either going to uproot our lives or mean one hell of a commute for him (yeah, the commuting is not so much an option--believe me, I pushed hard for it).

So in three month's time, I will living 3000 miles away from everyone I know and love. Awesome. ::breathe breathe breathe::

It's been a difficult couple of weeks in the Little E house. Much crying, wringing of hands and many sleepless nights. Much going back and forth, weighing pro's and cons. The panic attacks of "OMG, I can't do this; you can't make me do this!!" and the tiny quiet glimmers of, "Oh, but the weather would be nice."

Considering I just got out of a therapy session, I really don't want to go back into rehashing all the reasons why this makes me want to run screaming into on-coming traffic right now. Suffice it to say that we've put trying to have another baby on hold until the move is about asking me to give up the thing I want most in the world so that we can do the thing I want LEAST. Yeah, that's about where I'm at. Good times.

Anyway, I wanted to thank you all for the so many nice things you posted in response to my last entry (both here and via email). It is so nice to know that people are thinking about me in my lunacy. And Amy & KMW, let me tell you--if we HAVE to move, I wish either of you had been right--Chicago or SF would be much more my speed. As it is, I have 90 days to develop an eating disorder, get fake boobs and learn the entire cast, past and present of The Hills (is it even on anymore?) if I expect to fit in at ALL where I'm going (yes, I know that is horribly closed-minded and way stereotyping and my apologies to those of you who might be reading from that area---it's just where I'm at right now; I'm sure I'll come around....)

I promise not to turn this into a blog o' gloom. I will be back tomorrow to tell you about Ethan's obsession with his grandma Judy's car. It's freakish and hysterical. But today, while I am feeling freakish, I'm not so much with the hysterical--at least not the funny kind.


Becca said...

Oh, that is a very big change! I'd be freaking out too. I am sure it will be wonderful in time... good luck with the adjustment! And yes, just think about the nice warm weather. And the beach. And when you DO have that baby, think about no more lost baby socks since it will be 80 degrees all the time!

Liz said...

We have to get together soon! What an exciting, but scary opportunity for all of you. Life doesn't always go the way we plan (trust me I know) but it can be an awesome adventure if you are open to it!!!!

Amy said...

Are you sure they said LA and not Chicago? Like did you ask twice to be sure?

My first thought was "Wow, cool!" but then I just thought, "But what about the pretty pretty kitchen???"

It will be OK. Really it will. And I hate "The Hills" so can't help you there. But this is sure going to make for some awesome blog posts!

Pam said...

Oh, no! I wanted to come "play" more! But wait -- does that mean I get to come help pack? B/c I can do that, too! I shall miss getting to know you better, but LA -- fun place! and yes, very blog-worthy!

Sarah said...

Becca makes a good point about the beach.

I have to admit, I am more than a little jealous of the weather! It snowed here yesterday.

It really does sound awesome and exciting (and yeah, really scary). Good luck, and Ethan is going to be the cutest little surfer man ever.

(and also? you could so totally have celebrity moms in your toddler classes-- how cool would that be????)

Grandma Bear said...

Well you'd better have a couple of extra bedrooms in your house because you will be amazed at how many people will come and visit you, especially when its winter time here in the Eastern world! We'll all do our best to help you transition.

But remember, being 3000 miles away from hearth & home gave you the extraordinary husband that you have :-)

Emi said...

Hey sis-in-law... you are going to do's scary as hell but you have uprooted your life before and made it like a rockstar.. now you have a cutie sidekick.. I hear children are good to pick up other mommies.. :-) You won't hurt for visitors.. trust me.. so I agree with grandma bear.. get a big house...
love u

Sue said...

I have no words of advice since I live less than 30 miles from where I was born.

What a great new adventure. Just think of all the "Hollywood type" moms and toddlers you'll meet. Looking forward to reading all about your new adventures.

Leap Year Dad said...

You won't need that much SPF. The smog will keep the sun away. And besides, Ethan could meet a nice girl from Pasadena (just make sure he has a pile of old baseball cards).

But, are you sure you spelled your destination correct? Shouldn't it be "B-O-S-T-O-N"? You had too few letters in your description.

But, I suppose Lewiston-Auburn (ME) isn't so bad, and it is closer to NH ;)

Bonne chance, mes amis

KMW said...

oh my gosh! Big news! What a great,albeit, scary, adventure. I do have friends (sadly without kids or else I would for sure get you guys together) who live down there and they are very down to earth and completely normal. Not a boob job among them!

Hang in there and good luck! It's not SF, but it is not far, either.

Anonymous said...

If you get any of those celebrity moms in your toddler classes, can you put in a good word for your Uncle Al? I would really appreciate it.

miraclebaby said...

Wow Sarah! I'm sorry to hear about such a dramatic change. Both exciting and scary, but probably more of the scary right now.

On a happy note, I would love to see you next time we're down there. David has family in that area, so maybe our families could go do something together with the kiddos. I'm sure you'll make some great friends down there!