Monday, March 17, 2008


This is the phrase Husband and I heard no fewer than eleventy billion times this weekend and apparently it is Ethanese for "I would like to go for a walk, please".

So we walked. Around the block, numerous times; home from the kebab place about a mile from our house; the length of the mall on Sunday morning, because it was raining outside; around in circles in the park.

Whenever he wasn't walking, he was saying, "Walk-a-me! Walk-a-me!" In his car seat, in a high chair, in the tub, in a shopping cart, this was his mantra.

Often in the English language, it takes decades for a word to evolve from one form of speech into another. Ethan used these words so often in the past 3 days, he figured out that he could create a whole new part of speech simply by adding an "s" to the end of the phrase, making it "walk-a-me's!" And voila! "Walk-a-me" the verb (and command), became "walk-a-me's" the noun, as in, "Let's go for a walk-a-me".

This morning, barely out of pj's, Ethan climbed up onto his little IKEA chair at the window, gazed longingly out the window and told me over and over again how desperately he needed walk-a-me's. Of course, the second I whipped out the camera, he decided he needed mucho prompting to say his newly coined phrase, but we got it eventually. After a bit of something that sounds like "Mom, stop taking pictures of Ethan (which he still calls himself adoringly)!"



Becca said...

He's adorable!! I love it.

Amy said...

I wish it was warmer here so we could go on more walk-a-mes! He's so cute.

Sue said...

He is A-dor-A-ble! Love that little boy voice!

Sarah said...

That's the cutest thing ever. I kind of want that on a T-shirt. I also love the way he says his name-- so freaking cute!!

Pam said...

omg, that's adorable! and he's adorable! and did you walk-a-him?

Emi said...

Ok.. for an English teacher your child has horrible grammar -= work on that will you.. :-P On the other hand he is very polite..

I am showing it to all my friends to illustrate the very definition of adorableness

Lindsay Margenau said...

Ohmygod Ethan is so cute. And so grown up, I can't believe it! I still remember first meeting him at baby massage class - the tiny 5 month old fish pose boy! And now he's talking and walking like a big kid. I feel like we're missing so much!!