Friday, April 04, 2008

Bad Mama, Bad!

So it seems that in all my fretting and hand-wringing about moving to Los Angeles (more obsessive ramblings about that to come, have no fear), it seems I have forgotten that my son's SECOND birthday is a mere 31 days away and I have to really begin planning any festivities. While that doesn't seem like a big deal, let it be known that planning for his 1st birthday party was in the works by February. And it wasn't even that spectacular, people. Just some friends, some balloons and some cake.

Granted, I got all hopped up on the idea of him being ONE YEAR OLD! and had to make a big deal out of it (in my mind, if nowhere else). By March, I had taken a festive picture of a maraca-toting Ethan to use on the photo invite of what was supposed to be a Cinco de Mayo themed party, which at the last minute became a " 1st birthday" themed party because he'll ALWAYS be able to celebrate Cinco de Mayo for his birthday, but he'll only get a 1st birthday once (wish I had realized that before I spent HOURS of my life trying to get a good picture of him wearing a sombrero and shaking a maraca....); I spent the weeks before his birthday perusing party stores for the cutest decoration and scoured the internet for the best "1st birthday!" crown and shirt; the night before his birthday was spent baking his smash cake and re-reading my blog from day one (complete with box of tissues for all the sentimental weepiness). So in some ways, his first birthday was observed, at least by doting mama, for months.

Now I realize it is only a few weeks away and with the exception of a few abstract ideas, I have done woefully little to prepare for what will be the...sigh...the last party he gets to have with his DC friends. I found out yesterday that I have waited to long to book the community center for the festivities, so we are looking at a house full of almost 2-year olds and all their parents, along w/ other friends and family. Should be fabulous.

I am tempted to hold it outside at a local park, but last year on his birthday it was raining and 50 degrees--(okay, that's ONE good thing about LA...), so I fear ending up with a soggy cake and muddy toddlers.

I am the queen of photo cards and invites. I annoy friends and family with picture cards of Ethan for almost any card-giving occasion. But this time, I might actually have to just go to Target and buy a package of party invites. The Horror!

I am so sorry, little man, that Mama lost sight of the most important things because she was so busy gnashing her teeth at the thought of relocating. I have 31 days to whip up a kick-ass 2nd birthday party, so off I go...

While I'm planning, take a look at this child. This almost TWO year old child. Um. Where the hell is my baby???


Becca said...

Cute pic! He's such a big boy! Good luck with the party planning. I have never been good at leaving enough time to plan celebrations so I'm kind of jealous of your 30 days!

KMW said...

He is beyond adorable. I bet your 2 year old party feels just as great as the first, and with a lot less work!

Amy said...

There will be waaaaay less fuss about the second birthday in the long run anyway, so you're fine. Everyone remembers 1, but 2 gets mixed up with all the others. But serve cake and you're sure to have a winning event.

Anonymous said...

I am SO in the same boat as you with the crappy birthday invites. I too am super annoying with the photo cards and invites, all perfectly photoshopped. But no, this year, I had to snatch up packs of Elmo and Abby invites from Target. SO embarrassing (but quite a bit less stressful!). Good thing they're still young and don't know how lame we are. :)