Thursday, October 23, 2008

He's not quite sure of what he's talking about...

No, I'm not referring to McCain, I"m talking about Ethan.

This is his first year of really having some sense of what Halloween is. The peapod at 6 months and the monkey at a year and a half held excitement and and "how cute is our little kid?!" factor for Husband and I; it was of little to no interest to Ethan.

This year, however, Ethan is all about the ghosts and the mummies and the witches and the spiders (dear god, the itsy bitsy spiders!). We bought his bumble bee costume weeks ago and every time he walks by it in his closet, he exclaims, "I be a bumble bee for Hall'ween!" and then runs through the house making a buzzing sound.

He also insists on carrying around his little plastic jack'o lantern trick or treating bucket, even when I tell him that Halloween isn't for another week (or two, or three). He's found the bucket is handy in collecting match box and hot wheels cars (of which he has eleventy billion). Sometimes the bucket has to come in the car with us and sometimes I can convince him to leave it at the door. Either way, "pumpkin with us" is a big phrase around the house these days.

So the idea is taking shape. He still has no idea that there's candy involved in Halloween and I'm not sure how to handle that element of it--I'm thinking Husband's going to be bringing a huge plastic pumpkin of sugar-laden loot to work with him on Monday of that week. The last thing I need Ethan thinking is that donning a costume and saying "trick or treat" will garner him an endless supply of chocolate.

He's also not quite up on all of his Halloween lingo and imagery. Moments ago we were playing with stickers of spiders and mummies. As Ethan pulled a sticker of a mummy rising up out of a coffin (um, creepy!) and pressed it down onto his piece of paper, he turned to me and said, "Look, he's in the tubby! Mummy's in the tubby!"

I might just eat him for Hall'ween; he's just that sweet.


Emi said...

I'm really liking the posting more often and I have to say the quality of your posts have not suffered at all.. you brought lots of laughs on a day they were much needed. Grassy ass.

Grandma Bear said...

Oh I really wish I were there...he must be so adorable..

Since he likes fruit, try and emphasize the fruit. Are there lots of kids in the neighborhood? Can you avoid the sweets?

Leap Year Dad said...

I have to say Holly's first door-to-door year, as minnie mouse, all the fun was going and saying trick or treat, and getting something, and running to the next door. Didn't matter what She got.

It sounds like the little man will have firm grasp after the first or second door, when he spies his goodies in the pumpkin and want it then and there.

Of course, the LA trick or treat might be too benign compared to the NH nights of wearing the snowsuit under the costume, if it wasn't the costume itself.

Heidi said...

Oh, you will have so much fun. Last year was the first time we did the whole door-to-door and as soon as she realized they were giving her candy?!?!!

Can't wait to hear about it.

Bonnie said...

I think the best halloweeen we had with Jack was when he was three. He loved the dress up part and didn't care a bit about the candy- and happily gave it all to us at the end of the night.

Karen said...

So cute!! And I loved the video song post. Take LOTS of pictures - I can't wait to hear how he loves trick or treating.

Its so hard to believe that it will be two years before Same gets it!

Sarah said...

Mummy in the tubby is way adorable.

I'm not sure what to do about the candy, either. There's a Halloween party at preschool with no HFC and hydrogenated oils (bummer), but Harry knows about trick or treating (damn TV babysitter), and is pretty stoked about the candy aspect.

I guess we'll have to eat it all after he goes to bed.