Tuesday, July 07, 2009

This would be so funny...

except that it's not. Alternate (and more drama-queen-esque, paranoid) title: The Universe Hates You, Sarah.

Several months ago when BlogHer announced it's location and dates for this year's conference, I held my breath. For the past three years I've wanted to attend the conference, but have either been plummeting into the despair basking in the glow of new motherhood, or looking at a calendar full of basal body temperatures and analyzing ovulation predictor kits in order to time sex at *just* the right moment. Or, I've been hemming and hawing because "what if!!!" I'm on bedrest, or the conference happens to fall on the exact same day I am scheduled to be in an OR, playing hostess to a speculum the size of small car, as a doctor performs a cerclage?!

I just couldn't commit. Until this year. When we started last month's round of clomid, what with it's cycle-regulating qualities (and my fairly regular to begin with cycles), Husband and I agreed that this year, we could safely assume three days towards the end of July wouldn't interfere with anything in our quest to get pregnant--If I were to have gotten pregnant last cycle (um, FAIL), I would be early enough that it wouldn't make a difference, and if I weren't, there'd be plenty of time for us to do what we needed to (needles in the belly, turkey baster up in my business) before the 23rd.


After we found out we missed ovulation and our chance for an IUI in June (and I went face down in a banana split sundae), we booked my flight to Chicago. Then we sat back and waited for my next cycle to begin so we could start the injectables. And so we waited. And waited. And waited. And what is normally 28-30 days suddenly became 37 days. Seriously, universe??? Seriously??

With only two weeks between now and when I leave for BlogHer, there's no way to guarantee we can get the whole process done in time. And so this morning, I called my RE and told him that I would see him in August.

Time to break out the basal thermometer and pony up the VIP membership fee for FertilityFriend.com again. We're kicking it old school this month. Har-dee-har-har.


Sarah said...


Becca said...

Oh no!

(Can't wait to meet you though!)

Amy said...

I feel responsible for this. But I am glad you are still coming! What if things get so crazy with this cycle you have to bring the husband with you and conceive AT BlogHer? I can tell you, that would definitely get you some traffic for sure!

Anonymous said...

i think this means you will get pregnant old school style this month, making blogher actually a cost savings event :)

Anonymous said...

Right there with ya...ponied up for VIP FF only to see that my cycle's a damn mess and at CD20 no confirmed O. Fun stuff.

Alice said...

That is really sucky. But the old ways do have their charms.