Sunday, September 13, 2009

He is, Walrus? I think...

In the past several weeks, Ethan's musical preferences have been testing the limits of my sanity.  I gladly participated in Music Together classes from the time he was eight months old until this past February.  I know all the words to Laurie Berkner's songs and can tolerate having them rattle around in my head far better than I thought I could.  But Imagination Movers?  Backyardigans?  I. CANNOT. TAKE. ANYMORE. 

So last week I decided to introduce him to the Beatles.  Our favorite performer in the DC area, Mr. Skip, included Yellow Submarine and Octopus' Garden in his repertoire, so I figured that at least E would have heard some of the songs and maybe I could convince him the Beatles were really just a cool new kid's band.  Way cooler than the freaking Fresh Beat Band (jabbing forks in my ears just thinking about that overly-cheery, beat-boxing foursome).  

So I whipped out my Beatles CDs (The Red Albums and The Blue Album--the greatest hit compilations that came out in the 90's) and put them in the car.  When Ethan asked, for the eleventy billionth time, for the Imagination Movers, I popped in The Beatles and let the super-cool musical education ensue. 

Know what?  Turns out the Beatles sing about a LOT of stuff you really don't want a three year old hearing about.  While Ethan is currently fascinated by "Penny Lane", "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds" and "Hey, Jude" because he believes the Beatles are singing about his friends Penny and Lucy, and his Grandma Judy, I am a bit more distracted by little things like, "Yellow matter custard dripping from a dead dog's eye." 

Um. Really, John?  Ew.  That's not *really* 3 year-old friendly, know what I'm saying?  I'm not sure it's even 37 year-old friendly, as it makes me kind of want to throw up.  BUT, Ethan's not picked up on the Pornographic priestess who's been a naughty girl for letting her knickers down.  He just likes that Lucy is in the sky with diamonds.  

So I'm just going to go on listening to the Beatles (Ethan refuses to listen to the poppy earlier songs--he wants the subversive Walrus stuff) and when Ethan asks what the Beatles are singing about when "I am the Walrus" is on, I'm just going to tell him they're singing about a trip to the zoo.  

And besides, I don't care who you are, hearing a 3 year old sing "If you go carrying picture of Chairman Mao, you're not going to make it with anyone anyhow," is funny stuff. 


Jessica said...

At some point you have to make the jump from syrupy sweet Nickelodeon/Disney/Public Television kids tunes that will literally melt the intelligence right out of your head and the mush will begin to spill out of your ears. You think explaining "yellow custards dripping out of a dogs eye" is disturbing...try explaining your brain seeping out your ears while your child is beggin for Imagination Movers.

Also, be thankful it wasn't like my experience when my brilliant husband felt that letting my child (who was 2yrs at the time) listen to Nelly, "It's Getting Hot In Here" because he "just can't do it anymore". There is NO RIGHT WAY to explain that away. Although until recently she believed it was due to a heatwave and no money for air conditioning. It was all I had on a moments notice.

Leap Year Dad said...

Sounds Great ! Hey, They Might Be Giants have their 'Here Come the ABC', and out now/soon, 'Here Comes Science '! Don't forget SchoolHouse Rock, or even BNL ($1000000).

I might hold off on the White Album for now, lest he gets hold of 'Revolution 9', even if there are Piggies and Raccoon's.

Safe travels !

Sarah said...

I also love TMBG-- we just got "Here Comes Science" and "No"-- both great.

Becca said...

We did a lot of Broadway Kids until I started waking up singing it after singing it in my sleep all night. Not good. Otherwise we listen to the radio or a marching band CD from school. I figure if he starts singing about "lady lumps" at least it will be a good story to tell on the blog.

Anonymous said...

we've been listening to m. jackson over here. try explaining "billie jean"! :)

grandma bear said...

Your dh belted out Santana at about the same age as go for the songs you like. He'll learn ALL the kids' songs in preschool!

Drumski said...

Funny....Lucy in the Sky was some sort of crayon drawing that a young Julian Lennon brought home from grade school. Lucy was his friend from school. It's a come full circle!

Aunt Becky said...

Ben happens to love Bob Marley. Has since he was a baby. Kids are so oblivious and it's AWESOME.