Sunday, October 18, 2009


Oh, and sea lions.

First of all, thanks so much for all the thoughtful and positive comments on my last post; sometimes you throw stuff out there with a giant, albeit silent "VALIDATE MEEEEE!" and you always come through for me, so thanks for that. Greatly appreciated.

Also? Please excuse my scattered use of the letter "n" in this post--my "n" key is once again o the fritz, courtesy of my favorite 3.5 year old. I caught him awhile ago, on my computer with about 10 programs open ad now my "n" key is free-floating and the fan in my computer is going full-steam ahead.

This weekend we celebrated fall Northern Californnnia style, spending Saturday at the pumpkin patch and Sunday communing with the sea lions in Santa Cruz. Ethan's been positively giddy all weekend---so giddy in fact that Husband and I both need to spend some quality time in sensory deprivation tanks just to get over it.

So, some pictures for you:

Would you buy a red warty thing for $10?

Again with the red warty things

Blue pumpkins

Cinderella pumpkins
dueling corncobs...

Husband and Ethan brave the carousel

Ethan can find drums anywhere....

communing with nature

who you callin' "Sugar Pie Pumpkin?"

And today....

This sea gull buzzed me as he landed---didn't know whether to be amazed or fa-reaked out.

Ethan checks out the sea lions below the pier.

hello, there.

pig pile of sea lions

nature's version of the family bed. Cozy

"Enough with the pumpkins and sea lions. Where's my pizza?"


Becca said...

So cute!! You are georgous! I love the one with the wheelbarrow. Don't you love fall?

Mama Bub said...

Such a fun weekend! But, isn't that a seagull?

sarah said...

gah! Yes, Mama Bub! Thanks for pointing that out!

Monica said...

Love the pics, so cute!

cicadalady said...

love the photos! miss you guys!