Friday, October 09, 2009

View to a Move...

So I've taken a ton of pictures of the last couple of weeks, but somewhere in the shuffle, we lost the cable that connects our SLR to the computer. I have been impatiently waiting for the new one to be shipped and when I arrived home today from dropping Ethan off at school (what a funky little crabby-pants he is on a Friday morning. When can I start him on coffee?), there was the happy little FedEx envelope waiting for me. So now I can share eleventy billion pictures with you (taking a vote--how many people are sick of me saying "eleventy billion"? I'm a little sick of myself over it).

No further ado and all, here are some pictures of our move. We'll start with the kid, the cats and the boxes. Because you can never have too many of any of those things....well, wait.

Last Days at the Old House

King of the boxes.

This move took a few years off of the cats' lives.

I think I might have threatened to box him up for our journey; hence the breath-holding.

They can't leave me behind if I'm sleeping in this box....

This is the face I got on our last day of packing when I asked him, "Ethan, how crazy are we right now??" Based on the face, I'm guessing we were pretty crazy.

Last night in LA

Farewell, bright lights.

See ya, little house in the city. Thanks for the memories and take good care of that Vote NO on Prop 8 sign in the window that I forgot to take out.

On The Road

Ethan equipped with veggie straws and Buzz Light Year, is ready for the adventure to begin.

This is actually what most of Route 5 looks like. Purty.

Husband puts air in the tires. Cuz he's handy like that.

What? Don't you drive 250 miles with a wet diaper on the roof of your car and discover it the next time you stop for gas? We do. We're classy like that.

The New House

Back porch--please come over for a BBQ.

Living room with built-in bookshelves we don't want to tear out (if you've been here a long long time, you might remember Husband, the sledge hammer and the built-ins in our house in Virginia. You know, the ones that were covering up a window in the living room...)

Ethan's play room. And his new train table, which we bought the day before the movers came. Because we are the laziest people on the face of the earth and knew that the guy at Toys R Us would carry it to our car, then the movers could take it out of our car, put it on their truck, and then carry it into our new house. We're lazy geniuses!

Dinner the first night in our new house--pizza, chips and pickles on the back porch. Life's pretty freaking perfect, people.

You don't have to rely on knock-offs like Wipe-Out; here you can watch real Japanese game shows. On about ten stations.

ahhhhhhhh, the didn't leave me behind...............


Monica said...

oh so jealous of your shelves and back porch! Sending well wishes as you get settled in your new home and get situated.

Becca said...

Your living room is so cozy and pretty! And your porch! Welcome home!

The diaper on the car is hysterical!

Anonymous said...

congrats on your move! love the pics, especially ethan in the glasses...