Wednesday, December 23, 2009

The Week in E...Unbridled Glee

Last Thursday, Ethan woke up and said to me, "Momma, I need a play date." This kid has a crazy social life and a day without a play date makes him a little twitchy. As glad as I am that he is comfortable playing with kids his age and that he makes friends so easily, I get a little pang of "where's my baby who neeeeeeeds me????!!!" when he's off and running with his friends. (As an aside, did I mention that a couple of days ago he also informed me, while watching a blimp fly overhead, "Momma, someday when I grow up, I won't need you anymore and then I'll fly a blimp. I'll miss you, though."? Heart. breaking. inamillionpieces.)

Pushing the "ohmygod, I'm no longer enough for my child, whatever will I doooooo??!!!" anxiety down, I informed him that starting in a few hours, he would have a 10-day long play date. His cousin Sofia was arriving that morning from the other side of the country.

It's been one big long freaking party of a play date since. Some highlights...

a little ring around the rosie...

what pure joy looks like...

Silly Face E, Pt I

Silly Face E, Pt II

cheeky monkey

Moments away from starting their own band, "The Multicolored Stripes" Get it? Get it? Eh.

Ever annoyed by his paparazzi-like mother, Ethan measures out some flour for the sugar cookies.

And then proceeds to cover himself, head to toe, in flour and stray dough pieces.

Sofia begins to become annoyed by Tia Sarah's paparazzi-like presence during cookie cutting.

He was super-fun to bathe after this, let me tell you.

And then there's the cookie decorating; Cowboy Ethan on duty...

blue sparklies. What every Xmas tree cookie needs.

Sofia tries out her tasty creation.

mmmmm, delish!

Too. Much. Cookie!

The only cookies that were left after Sofia and Ethan were done with them and on their way to a sugar coma...

Under the influence of too many sugar cookies, Ethan dons the paper bag and dances around the kitchen.

Then they worked off the sugar with a little jumping on the bed...

After their work out and a costume change, the kids update their Facebook statuses: "Ate lots of cookies. Jumped on bed. Life is good."


Sarah said...

SO cute! Ethan looks so, so happy. 10 days! How fun for him :) Very cute cookies, too-- impressive (ours sort of looked like vomit)

lonek8 said...

adorable! I'm so impressed evertime I see pictures of people letting their children make cookies and spread flour and sugar and what not around their house like, tra la la, I can clean it up later, the memories are more important. messes give me anxiety (not that you could tell if you looked at my house), so my kids will probably have lots to tell their future therapists about how their uptight mother never let them play with cookie dough! Merry Christmas, happy Hannukah, etc!!

Monica said...

omg, such cute pics! You captured his true personality in those, love it =) Merry Christmas to you and your family!