Thursday, January 28, 2010

Did I Mention?

"Dear G-d, woman!" you say, "How many blogs can you write?"

I know. Well, let's be honest. If you've checked either of my other blogs lately, you know that I'm really writing, um, one. I have good intentions of writing in Frustrated English Teacher because I have read some amazing books lately (and because I am inordinately sad about JD Salinger's death today and feel the need to immerse myself in books once again). The No More Fat Sarah blog? Meh. Writing a blog about losing weight alone is kind of like trying to lose that weight alone. Not so much with the effectiveness.

So my friend Kate and I decided that, since we both want to lose 30lbs, we'd start a blog together, to share our stories and offer each other support along the way. She write a couple entries a week and I (in theory) do, too. Kate is an awesome, hilarious writer and I love sharing a blog with her. Feel free to pop over to our blog every once in awhile (or? daily?) and see how we're doing!


cicadalady said...

i like the co-blog idea! will check it out.

lonek8 said...

thanks for the sweet compliments! I'm excited that we are doing the blog together, and while I have kept up my writing portion faithfully, as of yet I have done exactly NOTHING towards actually losing weight. Whoops