Sunday, September 26, 2010

And All Was Right With the World...

Husband is home! Yay! Technically he was gone for 10 full days, but in my attempt to be as melodramatic as possible, I count travel days as well, even though we see him at the beginning of one and the end of the other. So that makes TWELVE days without Husband, the majority of them I spent all pneumonia-y and hacking up a lung. So you know, not really at my best. BUT Ethan & I got through it, with the help of good friends and our good fortune at being a seriously kick-ass team. I am also grateful to have escaped the worst of pneumonia, having caught it while it was still very much of the "walking" variety, which has only required some antibiotics and homemade chicken soup, as opposed to hospitalization and breathing tubes. So, clearly, that's a plus and for all my boo-hoo'ing, I got off lightly and I am eternally grateful for that.

Today, in our attempt to cram 10-ish days of FAMILY! TOGETHERNESS! AND! FUN! into our first weekend day together in 2 weeks, we found ourselves all over the map and a little bit disjointed in our activities, but whatever, we were together & that was enough.

We started out at Starbucks, as we always do every Saturday & Sunday mornings--this is where we plan our day. Should we do into the city? Should we pick apples? Go to the tide pools? Just stay home and, I don't know, clean the house for a change? (that's crazy talk)

Today we decided to head back to the Fitzgerald Marine Preserve tidal pools, which we visited back a few months ago, to less than satisfactory results. We figured we'd be prepared this time, so we packed long pants and sweaters and we were equipped for The Elements.


The only element I didn't take into account? Um. The tide.

When we pulled into the parking lot, we congratulated ourselves on having gotten there early enough to get a good spot and having come during what we assumed had to be the "off" season--fall has arrived, so peoples' minds have switched from ocean side to apple orchard and we would reap the rewards of an empty beach and chock-o-block full tide pools all to ourselves!!! Yay, us!

Except. When we walked down the pathway to the beach, we saw this:

Yeah, so the tide pools? Covered by THE TIDE. Turns out, all the little sea creatures we were hoping to make magical memories with? Were under the sea.

So we took some pictures, because why let an hour drive and perfectly dismal weather go to waste?

"The ocean was angry that day my friends; like an old man at a deli trying to send back soup." I might have an embarrassingly extensive knowledge of Seinfeld quotes...

It looks like he's scolding me, but he's pretending to take pictures with an invisible camera. Soooo, really he's just mocking me. It's cool.

We call this one: When Unibombers Go To The Beach...


Ethan examining the one sea-creature-esque discovery we made--an empty, broken snail shell. SCORE! also, note to self: get your kid a new hoodie, dude! He looks ridiculous!

Then we went to Half Moon Bay to stand in line for way too long for sandwiches that were not all that great (but when the line is out the door for a sandwich, you figure the place has to be some sort of Garden of Sandwich Eden--it was not), and to poke around at our favorite market of rusty tchotchkes and broken glass (no, really) Half to Have It. And I took some pictures:

Seriously, you can buy broken glass and ceramic by the pound for your art projects and landscaping or whatever. I need about 4 houses for all the stuff from this place that I want.

giant old-timey key for your non-existent wine cellar?

If you want to see more groovy pictures from Half to Have It, check out my MamaSarahndipity365 blog, where I will be posting more pictures I took today while we were there.

After the compulsory puttering around there, we headed to the pumpkin patch. Because of course, when the tidal pools don't quite pan out, you need to sit in a wheel barrow and run through 1000 pumpkins to ease the pain.

Of course every good pumpkin patch has a taco truck. Duh.

I like the lop-sided ugly ducklings of the pumpkin world the best.

And then of course there's the old-fashioned giant bounce-slide shaped like a dump truck:

Hopefully his hair is hilarious enough to take attention off of the fact that his pants, like his hoodie before, are WAY too short (clearly they've ridden up here--how comfortable for him--but still, they need to go. Now. He had a growth spurt about 2 weeks ago & I cannot keep up in the fashion department apparently).

So Happy

Is there anything lovelier in your fall pictures than a taco truck in the background?

I am SO looking forward to this week; Husband is home, I'm hoping to get back to feeling 100% so I can start running and cooking again, both of which I will be doing to this song:

Florence and the Machine "DOG DAYS ARE OVER" Music Video from LEGS MEDIA on Vimeo.

Seriously, if you've not heard this song before, click the "play" arrow now. The video is a bit, well, CA-RAY-ZEE, in a totally mesmerizing "is-that-lady-gaga?" way. But the song is totally "I will run for miles with this on a loop on my iPod" motivating and "I want to dance around my kitchen while tasty things are cooking" inspiring. I just love it and can't stop listening to it & I've never shared a song on the blog before that I can recall, but this one is stuck in my head in the best possible and happy-making way and I had to share. So enjoy. And know that I"ll be listening to it so much in the coming week that the next time anyone references it, I'll be saying, "Uccch, I am so freaking sick of that song."



Sarah said...

Love the Unabomber reference-- us, too.

Looks fun, and E does look so, so happy. Gad you're feeling better and that you're back together.

Corinne said...

I'm in awe of your day :)
And I love that you start at Starbucks... that's such a good idea.

Hyacynth said...

Hahahaha! unibombers at the beach.
Also, I really like what you're doing with shooting from different angles in your shots.