Friday, September 03, 2010

Siblings Shmiblings...

Who needs that pesky little brother or sister, when you have two well-fed, lazy-ass cats at your beck and call (at least in between sun-bathed naps by the windows)?

These two? Are lazy magoos. The fact that all four of their eyes are open in this picture is astounding. It can only mean that Ethan was making a tremendous amount of noise in the background when I took this picture. Can you not feel the annoyance coming off of Crash (front) in waves of feline frustration? I. was. sleeping.

Sorry, kitty!! It's time to play Ethan's Pizzeria!!! (which, to be truly authentic to the way it went down, Ethan calls "Silly Gorilla Pizza Place." Which makes no sense because there was nary a silly gorilla in sight, but whatever. That's what he named his pizza place).

First, Ethan finds a random string lying around--this is easy because he has horded all the strings of yarn I have ever cut for him to play with the cats. The cats love a good game of chase the yarn. This, along with the sound of their food plinking into their supper dish, is one of the only things that will stir them from their above posture.

Once Ethan has captivated them and lured them off the couch with the yarn and the three of them, boy and cats, have worn a path in our carpet back and forth across the living room, the real game can begin. Tired from the work out, the cats will inevitably plop themselves down on the floor for a rest. This is when they unwittingly become diners in Ethan's, erm, Silly Gorilla's Pizzeria.

That is some fine looking pizza, friends. Those cats are in for a treat. Cats like pizza, right? Wooden pizza especially, right?

Apparently, at Silly Gorilla's Pizzeria, the management has a clothing-optional policy for their wait staff.

Crash eagerly awaits his second piece...

and also? A third. This little kitty is quite a piggy. Is it me or does Echo (in back) seem a bit put out that he only has two pieces? See? Like siblings!

Echo's every expression seems to mutter, "Whatever. I'm better than you." I love him.

Crash is more wide-eyed and grateful to be included in everything we do.

And sometimes he looks a little bit like a feline alien. Um, where's yer nose, kitteh?

ah, there it is. Sniffing Silly Gorilla pizza.


Sue said...

Clothing optional=better tips! At least in my book!

Hyacynth said...

Ha! That is hilarious!!
Also, when you have three, someone always gets riped off when it comes to piza. ;)

gringa said...

What a great series of pictures

Corinne said...

I'm so punchy right now, but this is hysterical :) I'm cracking up! Love the pictures, and the clothing optional pizza parlor!