Friday, January 14, 2011

Let's Just Say It...

I am in a major blog funk right now, people. I want to write, I like to write, I have no valid reason not to write. And yet....

I'm not sure if NaNoWriMo just sucked the writing life right out of me, or if I have some entitled sense of "I don't have to write anything else now that I've written 50k words" (which? Is a feat, sure, but it's not like I cured cancer here, let's be real--no sense of entitlement warranted, obviously). But every day when I look at "MamaSarahndipity" up on my bookmarks bar, I sigh and then hit refresh on my Twitter or Facebook pages.

It's not that I don't have stories to tell, advice to ask for or rants to rant. Believe me, I do. Like, how to deal with Ethan's obsession over "bad guys" and "good guys" or the "Kindergarten awareness" presentation I attended earlier this week (guys, are you aware of kindergarten? Because it's out there), where the expert-in-all-things-kindergarten-awareness speaker talked about how her kids only watch 30 minutes of TV....PER WEEK, and about how only 53% of kids entering kindergarten are actually prepared for it (which makes one wonder why they are teaching what they're teaching in kindergarten if almost HALF the kids attending aren't ready for it---but that is another rant, erm, topic, for another post).

I could write about Ethan's budding scientific inquisitiveness, like how he grilled me on the topic of electricity yesterday--specifically asking me, if electricity runs through the power lines in our neighborhood, and if lightening is electricity, why don't we hear thunder coming from the power lines? Take that, "why is the sky blue?" We've moved on to bigger and better questions that Mama can't answer without a trip to Professor Google....

I could share pictures with you, like these from our walk in yet another fantabulous, awe-inspiring redwood forest:

Neat, huh? Some of those trees are 2000 years old. TWO THOUSAND, people. Like, "Hi, I'm a giant redwood tree & when Jesus was busy being born 2000 years ago? I was a tiny redwood tree," two thousand. It kind of boggles the mind.

But for some reason, I just haven't been sharing. And because I haven't been sharing, I haven't been reading your blogs that much, either, and I"m sorry for that. Its not that I don't care what you're up to---I do, and I miss reading about your lives, and being entertained by your stories and amazed by your photography. But I end up feeling guilty that I'm not blogging when I read your blogs, so I've been neglecting them. No es bueno.

I'm hoping that the funk subsides soon and that I'll be giving you a reason to check in here more often. And I'm going to spend the rest of the morning heading back to a few of my favorite blogs to see what you all are up to--thanks in advance for your inspiration.


Becca said...

30 mins a WEEK? Whose ADD medication is she abusing?

lonek8 said...

me too! I want to be the kind of writer that can take the mundane and make it funny/witty/enlightening/whatever, but nope. just not. So I either need to liven up my life some or just start making shit up.

30 mins of tv a week is the best joke I've heard all year. that lady's has some awesome rebellion headed her way.

also: can my kid dress/undress themselves for the potty? check
can my kids respectfully obey teachers/authority figures other than me? check
can my kid play with others without fights/violence? check
does my kid understand the basics of behavior in a school setting? check

BOOM ready for kindergarten. Anything else they expect her to know is their job to teach her. This aint homeschool

Amy said...

HA, Becca. She probably doesn't count anything but TV as screen time. No way her kids aren't getting some sort of screen time every day. That, or she is raising them in a tent.

Sarah -- no guilt, it's all good. Sometimes we just don't have it in us. But don't give up reading just because you're not writing!

L.A.C.E. said...

The woman would be horrified to know that I keep my tv on all day long and the toddlers use it as background noise, paying attention to bits here and there lol

I love the pictures of the trees. Magnificent!!

Mo said...

I have been in the same kind of blog funk lately. I have lots of stories but I'm just not writing. I used to go to my blogroll and reader every morning and read everyone's blogs religiously, and now I'm lucky if I do it once a week. I'm trying to slowly ease back into it, reading other blogs, commenting and hopefully writing soon. Everyone needs a break now and again.

Neil said...

Sometimes it is good to take a break from the virtual world and see some real trees.