Saturday, January 01, 2011

Sunrise, Sunset...

and all that stuff...

I'm not even going to begin to bother with resolutions or anything of that sort because, as always happens, the New Year snuck up on me (in my defense, I spent much of the holiday season face down in a pecan pie, and it's hard to read a calendar through all that dark corn syrup and egg yokes....oy), and I haven't really even thought about resolutions yet.

One thing I have decided to do, to get myself back into the swing of blogging, is to post every single day in January--my own personal NaBloPoMo, since I was all NaNoWriMo'ing during the official NaBloPoMo month. In related news, I think it would be fun to create a language based on this blogging and noveling challenges; for example, perhaps January could also be GeYoOwDaDinMo--which would be, Get Your Own Damn Dinner Month. (I'm just kidding; I am totally going to start cooking dinner again--starting tomorrow).

But until I get back into the swing of it, with the relentless attempts at wittiness (I know, the above paragraph is not encouraging where that is concerned...) and the pictures and what have you, I will share a little story with you from this past week. It would seem as though my son got married. My four year old. Just this past Thursday.

He eloped on the back porch, with his best friend Tiny P. While her mother and I sat in the living room, huddled under blankets so the kids could play outdoors in the backyard w/ the screen door open (Northern California beats New England this time of year, but its still not lounge-with-the-doors-open weather), we heard some sort of giggling outside and then the declaration from Tiny P, "And now we're married!!!"

Oh my.

Clearly this overheard information warranted a trip to the backyard to find out what exactly was going on.

And there they were--Ethan and Tiny P (just to be clear, though apt, "Tiny P" is, in fact, not her given case you were wondering), the happily giggling newly weds, holding hands for their first dance. Tiny P has been studying weddings quite a bit, because she was very well-versed in the concept, "Now we have to have our wedding dance!!" she said gleefully as she and Ethan held hands in a little circle for two and spun around on the back porch.

My friend, K, and I, stood at the back porch door like two yentas, all glowy and kvelling, at our little bride and groom. Watching them smile and spin with each other, we wondered if we couldn't just put something in writing so that when they get older we can just tell them, "oh, forget about all that dating and getting your heart broken crap--you're already married. You got married at 4. You were totally on board with it--it was your idea!!" But alas, we live in a world where eventually our kids get to make all their own decisions, so, short of packing up our families together and living off the grid, ensuring that Tiny P and Ethan never realize there are other people their own age in the world, there's probably nothing we can do to ensure that this marriage will actually stick.

And that's a bummer, because these two are super cute and I would have the most gorgeous grandkids.

After their wedding dance, Ethan and his bride announced that they were "off to buy a house!" But really, I hope that Tiny P comes with a big dowry, because otherwise these newly weds are going to be living in our basement for a looooong time.

He's always been a ladies' man, but it does seem that, at least for the time being, Ethan is off the market. I don't think of it as losing a son; I think of it as gaining a daughter. Right?

Happy New Year!


Becca said...

So sweet! Glad you're back!

Corinne said...

That story is just too cute!!
Happy New Year Sarah :) I'd love to participate in GeYoOwDaDinMo... sign me up!

Sarah said...


Glad you're posting a lot this month-- I have missed your blog!!

Chiconky said...

So cute!

I agree. I think you're onto something with GeYoOwDaDi

lonek8 said...

if nothing else, GeYaOwDaDinMo is really fun to say out loud.