Thursday, June 14, 2012

Its All Sunrise-y-Sunset-y Up In Here....

Well, its here; summer vacation.  And not just any summer vacation--the summer vacation between Kindergarten and 1st grade.  That means that we had to get all weepy and wistful on the last day of school earlier this week.  Its that last major transition between "not-really-school" school and "REALLY school" school.  This kid?

Is so totally a FIRST grader now.

Mind. Blown.

It was a fantastic day, complete with such a flurry of activity at the "flying up" to 1st grade ceremony that the best pictures I managed to get were merely blurred blobs of frenetic 5-6  year olds rushing here and there on their way out of the kindergarten classroom.  At first I was a bit disappointed by that, but then I realized it was sort of symbolic of their enthusiasm and energy and then I probably got a little weepy over their absolute love of life and their carefree existences, and realizing that from here on in there's homework and tests and only taking vacations during actual school vacations and before I knew it we were driving Ethan to college and coming home to an empty house and zOMG, where did all the time gooooooo?!!!!

So the teachers had made each kid an adorable set of "wings."  Now I know why the teacher requested that each parent send their child into class last week with one wire hanger.  Sadly, I could not comply because I, and from what I found in all the stores I tried to locate them, the rest of the world, took Joan Crawford in "Mommie Dearest" to heart when she beat her child whilst & screaming "NO WIRE  HANGERSSSSS!!" (also? the sight of anyone in cold cream makes me break out into an anxious sweat--that movie messed me up).

What was I saying?  oh yeah.  Wings.  Fortunately, the teacher had plenty of extra wire hangers (has she not seen the movie???!!), so Ethan was able to get his very own wings, which he decorated with pink and yellow puffy glitter paint.  Oh, kindergarten, I'll miss you.

The teacher read them a book about the last day of kindergarten, the kids sang a song about kindergarten to the tune of the Addams Family which ended with them chanting "ba-da-ba-dum FIRST GRADE! ba-da-ba-dum FIRST GRADE!" while snapping their fingers.  I came >this< close to dying of The Cute.  Then the kids jumped up, grabbed their pail and shovel full of summer goodies and "flew" out the door to the first grade classroom.

And thus ended the adventure of kindergarten.  Le Sigh.

Kindergarten  has been ever so dreamy....

NO WIRE HANGERS!!!! Unless you're going to make super cute little wings out of them...

Fly away little Kindergarteners!!! Fly away!!!


Then we partied for the next three hours.  I love that we managed to turn the school yard into someone's backyard with slip n' slides and old school kiddie pools. 

and cupcakes. Pirate cupcakes.


The academic pirate swashbuckling a....pencil?  Okay. 

Too cool for school.  

The next day we went out and joined the pool, so be prepared for every photo for the rest of the summer to be of some sort of watery tomfoolery.  HAPPY SUMMER!!!!


Becca said...

Yay! So fun. What a sweet newborn picture!

gringa said...

Happy Summer to you and all. Glad you updated on your blog. Its always wonderful to read.

Sarah said...

Pool memberships are the best things about summer. But, yeah, I just noticed that every picture n my iPhone is my kids eating dinner at the pool. So. Lazy. (I would take pictures of them actually swimming, but the baby is hell bent of self destruction and needs all of my attention in the water).

lonek8 said...

we are so totally getting a pool membership next year. Although i really hope it is in a new state because the pool situation here is kind of ghetto.

I am right now voting that you, me Sarah, Amy and Becca all go on vacation in 12 years when our first borns all graduate from highschool and go off to college.