Monday, June 11, 2012

Little Cult....erm, Gym....

Little Gym is like the Target of the kid's gymnastics world--walk into any Little Gym, in any state, at any time, and you will see the same thing happening, in the same format, with, unless you're looking carefully, you'd swear the exact same people. What the Giggle Worms group is doing on a Tuesday afternoon in Little Rock, Arkansas, they're also doing on Thursday morning in Los Angeles.  If "cooperation" is the theme of the week for the Funny Bugs in Madison, Wisconsin, its also the theme in Fairbanks, Alaska (well, I don't really know if there's a Little Gym in Alaska, but if Sarah Palin has anything to do with it, the Funny Bugs are probably out shooting wolves from helicopters).  Its always the same, all the time, and there's something wonderfully cult-like comforting about that.

We belonged to My Gym in LA and it was okay (especially when Anna Nicole Smith's daughter and her dad Larry Birkhead joined our class), but since moving north we've become devoted Little Gym'ers.  I've contemplated ditching them for a more athletic and structured gymnastics programs in the area, run by local rec centers, but...I don't know.  There's something about the fact that these guys will teach my kid how to tumble and do hanging basket swings on the high bars, but will also allow him to pretend he's a pirate digging for treasure in the middle of the gym mat.  I'm not really the "MY SPECIAL SNOWFLAKE NEEDS A TROPHY BECAUSE ITS SO GOOD FOR HIS SELF-ESTEEEEEEM" type, but I do like the fact that these kids have no concept of competition when they're learning how to do their gymnastics--because the truth is, they're pretty light on the "gymnastics" element.  Ethan is so not remotely training for the Olympics here--he's pretty much just running around to music for an hour with friends, occasionally swinging from a high bar or balancing across a beam, and then getting his hands stamped.  No one's barking orders at him or making him feel badly if he doesn't stick a landing.  Its an hour for him to expend a boatload of energy and for me to jibber-jab with the moms (and partake of the afternoon Starbucks fix).

If I analyzed it too much, its probably not the best way to blow those particular dollars each month, but its become part of our routine and I swear they pump subliminal messages encouraging membership renewal and an overall sense of happy fuzzies through their sound system because we always leave there feeling good and like all is right with the world.

Last week was show week for Ethan's class, so I had the opportunity to follow him around the gym, oooooh'ing and aaaaahhh'ing at all the amazing feats of strength and daring.

Up and over...

Ah, yes, the inside of the hula hoop up against the wall hand stand.  A classic. 

I'm not sure if this was the interpretative dance portion of the show or what....

 crab walking...with flair.

basket hanging--under control 

 and swing!

Tada, bitches!!!!!! 

 more "tada!!!!!" 

 That's right--keep applauding and snapping those photos.  Ta-freaking-da!  And sign me up for next session while you're at it.  

Every athlete likes a cake pop after receiving their medal. 


Becca said...

Lol @ Tada bitches!

Little Gym is fun! We haven't been in ages. Wes wasn't the easiest baby to take out in public so Charlie had to quit. ;)

Sarah said...

I love LG. We go at least 2 times a week (H and J are in the same class and camps are AWESOME). I think it makes kids feel so damn good about their little special snowflake selves-- worth every penny :)