Wednesday, February 05, 2014


I bet you thought I was gone on another months-long hiatus.

No, I'm here.  But given the fact that I've just written two 1/2 blog entries and deleted them, I'm pretty sure I don't have anything interesting to write about.  I've had a head cold for the past four days and can't really think about anything except how if I have to blow my nose one more time, I'm going to cry because OHMYGOD are tissues made of glass shards???!!! Husband even got me these fancy "cool to the touch" tissues that are supposed to be filled with lotion and somehow extra soothing.  Nope.  Just cold, lotion-y glass shards.

On Monday, after bringing Ethan to school, I drove home and told myself I would just "rest my eyes for a few minutes." I woke up at 11:55.  Incidentally, that's 5 minutes before I'm supposed to be in the school library reshelving books for an hour and giving the librarian her lunch break.  In my crud-filled foggy-headed state, I had forgotten to call in sick or email her that I couldn't make it.  For a brief moment, I considered just closing my eyes and going back to sleep--its a volunteer position, for goodness sake! She would understand if I missed it just one time and forgot to contact her! But.  What if that 3rd copy of the 4th Harry Potter novel was sitting on a cart waiting to be reshelved and some kid needed it because the other 2 copies were already checked out and way overdue, probably growing mold in the bottom of some 4th grader's backpack?  What if a kid showed up during the librarian's lunch break and needed to check out a book on horses or kittens?  Or tractors?  Or Percy Jackson?!

I sped to the school and arrived only 5 minutes late for my scheduled volunteer time ("sorry officer, somewhere, someone might need a book!"--said the nerdiest girl EVAR.)  It occurred to me as I walked into the library and only managed to croak out "sorry I'm late" before I needed to stop talking and catch my breath through what felt like an entire bag of soggy cotton balls shoved up into my sinuses, that perhaps I shouldn't have brought my bevy of germs to school.  Um.  Ooops.  Fortunately the library comes equipped with a hand sanitizer dispenser and as much as I am normally super anti-anti-bacterial, I fairly well bathed myself in the stuff before getting to work.

Also fortunately, very few kiddos came into the library during that hour, with the exception of a group of rowdy boys who wanted to use the place as their personal obstacle course--said the crotchetiest old lady EVAR.  I gave them three chances to pull themselves together and stop acting like lunatics and then I said, in my perfect ornery old lady voice, "If you can't behave like you're in a library, then you don't need to be IN the library.  Good day!"  Oh yeah, I said "good day."  I almost finished with "I said good day, sirs!"  but I knew they wouldn't get it.  They were already shuffling out, shoving and "nice job'ing each other, so it would have been overkill anyway.  A couple kids in the corner who were actually reading books during lunch thanked me on their way out.  I love kids.

Another mom found me in the library to tell me that a bunch of materials for our spring community service project had come in.  Oh, did I mention that in my complete and utter lack of boundaries or sense of self-preservation, I volunteered to head the spring community service project for the whole school?  Oh yeah.  That happened.   There are two boxes of things now waiting in the work room for me.  I don't remember what they are because I was trying not to cry the entire time the other mom was talking to me about what was in the boxes.  I love helping.

Its day four of the head cold and while it spent the first 72 hours firmly planted on the right side of my head, it shook itself up last night and spread out to both sides of my sinuses, which meant that instead of not being able to breath at all on my right side and being able to breathe perfectly on my left (seriously, I felt like I was just walking in circles for days), I could only breathe marginally well from either side of my nose.  Is there anything lovelier than a mouth-breather?  I'm stunning, I tell you.  Breath-taking (no pun intended).  This morning, my head congestion seems to be trading itself in for some chest congestion.  So the hacking should start any minute now.  Special.

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Feel better soon.