Friday, December 29, 2006

Picture's first Chrismukkah...

It was a busy couple of weeks, so excuse me for not waxing poetic at great lengths. I know you'd rather see pictures of the kid anyway. Enjoy...

Ethan's (and mom's) first trip to pick out a "holiday shrubbery".

In the absence of a red Starbucks cup, Ethan bonds with the red bows.

"mmmm, shiny red bow, how I love youuuuuuuu."

Ethan, right before the haircut. Do you think he can tell what's coming?

"Check me out! Chicks dig my new short sassy 'do!"

"Seriously, enough with the red bows!" Ethans sans Trump-esque comb-over.

"Play that funky music, white boy!"

Ethan opens Hannukah presents at Gram & Grampy's. Not a red bow in sight. But we did find Runny Babbit...

In the event of a water landing, your mommy can be used as a flotation device.

My little man, on top of the world


Amy said...


I can't believe how big he is. What a little cutie.

miraclebaby said...

Ahhh, so cute! He looks a lot like his mommy;)