Wednesday, January 16, 2008

As If...

Earlier this evening, Ethan was busy on the floor playing with one of his funky chunky puzzles, when he had a "moment".

He stood up, walked over to me, took his pacifier out of his mouth, handed it to me and said, "All done."

I sat there, very still, holding the paci (and my breath), waiting for him to realize that he willingly relinquished his beloved talisman to me. He's never done this before. He has a kinship with this little nub of plastic that rivals the brotherhood of the round table. I have seen him, when it falls from his mouth, dive for it like he's trying to save it from a searing pit of lava, so fierce is his loyalty to it. Of course, little does he know that *it* has been about eleventy billion different pacifiers at this point.

So I waited. But there was no whining; no "what have I done?! Give me that thing back, woman!" He turned around, waved and said, "Bye, bye, Paci," and went back to his puzzle, and proceeded to play for the next half hour without it. I tucked the pacifier between the cushions of the couch and hoped, hoped, hoped that somehow that would actually be the end of it. I mean, the transition to the big boy bed went more smoothly than we could have ever hoped. Why not the pacifier, too?

Um. Not so much. After dinner, there was much whining and pouting until the paci was dug out from the couch cushions and securely back in place.

On a side note, Ethan was able to expand his blossoming vocabulary of unintentional obscenities while paci-less. Today on Noggin, there was a segment on Spanish colors, and Ethan beautifully mastered *rojo*, but his *azul* sounded like, well....asshole. And he really likes the color blue, so I got to hear it a LOT. Charming. Add that to his pronunciation of "socks", which actually starts with a *c*, not an *s*, and you have quite a growing collection of words that Mama never wants him to say in public. I only hope that he's not into Thomas the Train until he's able to annunciate clearly, because I do NOT want to hear what's going to come out of his mouth when he's talking about the train named Percy.


gringa said...

That he even contemplated giving it up is a really big step. Wow... It will come.

Becca said...

Woah! We have had many many tears over the "paci stays in the carseat/crib" rule (and many other times when I've said "aw eff it" and let him have it the whole day). I can't imagine him willingly relinquishing it to me.

Sue said...

Just wait til he starts saying "trucks!" If he's like both of my nephews, the "t" comes out as an "f". And it's yelled very LOUDLY lest the fruck not hear!

Hopefully E will have given up the paci before he goes off to college!

Sarah said...

Ha ha ha! Harry calls ice "ass," and it cracks me up every time. And trucks? "big cocks" Awesome, huh? It's weird because I have a really awful habit of cursing that I picked up in college and never let go-- so he has plenty of opportunity to learn the real thing!