Thursday, January 17, 2008

Love (or beat up) the One You're With...

It snowed today and play group was canceled. No big deal, we live right down the street from Ethan's friend Lilly (the smoochy girl previously seen puckering up with our little Casanova). Lilly's mama and I decided to make our own little impromptu play group because, hey, we can always sit and chat happily for hours while our little cherubs play nice on the floor, taking little breaks to get in their hugs and kisses, right?

Except that today we didn't have quite as many hugs and kisses as we did shoves and smacks. It started out with a little *love tap* from Lilly when Ethan had the audacity to assume temporary ownership of the play kitchen. Understandable, as it is, in fact, HER play kitchen. Then there was one unfortunate little shove that resulted in Ethan's socks slipping on the floor and him finding himself flat on his back, stunned and, perhaps a little emasculated at having been taken out by a girl.

After that, Ethan, well, further emasculated himself by perfecting the time-honored girl fight maneuver known as the "windmill". Anytime Lilly came remotely close to him (unless they had specifically been asked to hug and make up), Ethan felt the need to defend himself with this super duper self-defense strategy.

The only time they weren't scuffling, it seems, is when, on a whim, Wendy and I put them into Lilly's crib together so they could oooh and ahhhh over the Fisher Price aquarium soother. Funny, this child of mine who screamed bloody murder every. single. time. I put him in his crib seemed to be perfectly happy in Lilly's crib. Perhaps I should suggest to Wendy that she take Ethan every night. You think she'd go for it?

Yeah, I didn't think so, either.

Anyway, we had lots of fun and hissy fits today at our little play date. They did hug and kiss before we said good bye, and Ethan chanted "I-ee" "I-ee" the whole way home which is his word for "Lilly", so I think he is none the worse for the wear having been beaten up by a girl.

Before our little play date we went outside and romped around in the snow (read: sleet). Here are some pictures...


Sarah said...

He's so cute in the snow!! Harry and his bff (a girl) also fight and yeah, she typically kicks his ass. Love your description of the windmill defense-- I can totally see it.

Becca said...

Adorable pics! The fighting thing is kinda funny. And that Aquarium soother is a sure bet in our house too.