Tuesday, February 02, 2010

As The Crow Flies...

it seems to have taken a quick break from its travels to trample all over my face. Yes, the other morning, during an ever-so-vain self inspection (check the pores, around the eyes, stand sideways and suck it in, let it out, suck it in again. You do it, too. Don't judge), I found it. Around the outside of my left eye. A crow's foot.

Sigh. Angst. I am definitely all about aging gracefully (no botox or scalpels for me, thank you), but I think part of my belief-system in terms of how to handle aging skin is because I was counting on the fact that at 38, I still have to use oil-free products and tend towards breakouts to keep my skin "young." Pimply and oily, but young. It didn't occur to me that I could simultaneously have to deal with a nose full of blackheads AND wrinkling skin around my eyes.

I was a little smug, even. I thought my genes would carry me, through. I still have to squint to find a wrinkle on my mother, who is in her 60's (which, come to think of it, may be how I got my own crow's feet). So clearly I assumed, like mother like daughter! Whew! I can't possibly get a wrinkle before, oh, my 60th birthday! Woot! Oh, genetics, how you have screwed me again.

So what to do? I wear sunglasses, moisturizer with sun screen, use some sort of Olay eye thing. There's nothing I can do, is there? Joy.


lonek8 said...

I've got good genes too - never go in the sun, always use sunblock, moisturize, don't smoke, etc etc etc. but I also apparently make eyebrow related facial expressions WAY to often because I have some major deep grooves running across my forehead. And you know what? I'm botoxing the heck out of those suckers as soon as I can shake $300 out of my husband.

gringa said...

Enjoy... the oily skin will definitely help...but don't worry about it. You look great.