Thursday, February 25, 2010

Ethan versus the turtle...

This past week, one of my very best friends and her daughters came to visit. We had a wonderful time, being touristy in San Francisco. There were walks through Fisherman's Wharf and China Town, copious amounts of chocolate consumed at Ghirardelli square, street cars ridden, and pedal boats in Golden Gate Park, well, pedaled.

Probably my favorite thing was our stop at Boudin's sourdough bread bakery on the wharf. Yeah, sure the bread is tasty. But it's never tastier than when it's shaped like little reptiles.

We wound up being pretty obsessed with the turtles.

Look at the cute little turtles!! Into the blazing hot oven for you, my pretties!

Then we bought one for each of us. Because who doesn't want their own pet sourdough turtle? Crunchy on the outside, squishy on the inside!

Look at mah turtle!

Off with it's head!

I have no idea what he's saying here, but let me tell you, he is ALL about this turtle.

so glad he didn't chip a tooth on that damn turtle.


Monica said...

yummm, I wanna turtle too! Love his expressions=)

Becca said...

So much fun! Charlie would go nuts--his class at school is called the Turtles.