Sunday, February 07, 2010

Our Week? Looked Like This...

Well, it finally stopped raining, so I got to put these away for now:

They are a size 9 and I'm normally a size 7.5, but they were the only pair left on the shelf @ Target and I neeeeeeeded them. They're only a little floppy when I walk in them. Every girl need a pair of pink polka-dotted wellies/clown shoes. Don't judge.

So we went outside:

Seriously, Mom. Put. The. Camera. Away.

A certain someone, who has been able to pedal for months now but has refused to because he apparently likes his shins endlessly bruised from the thwack, thwack, thwack of the pedals smacking against him at every revolution, FINALLY decided to start putting foot to pedal and is now tearing around the block.

Buuuut, then it started to rain again, so we went inside, watched Ellen and built stuff.

Perhaps we need to work on hiding our gazillion wires and cables a little better.

"What about meeeeee? Why is it always about the boy?! Look at how preshus I am!!"

When we'd exhausted fun-with-blocks, we pulled out the big guns: The Catepillar dump truck that requires assembly with a big old drill.

Also? I should work on getting those picture frames up off the floor.

Today we worked on our Valentines Day cards. The boys got a whole lotta love for the ladies.

Nothing says "I love you," like pom-poms adhered with glitter glue. Glitzy, but with a soft touch.


Sarah said...

LOVE the Valentines-- so, so cute! I have plaid Target wellies, and even though they are my size, they still wobble and clomp and slosh around my feet, so don;t sweat it. Yay for outside-- I hope we can go outside to play in like 2 months :( Also, dude, you cat is gorgeous and all grown up)

lonek8 said...

ditto to everything Sarah said (except the plaid target wellies, I don't have those), nd also, we have the exact same bike! And we participate in alot of the same shin smacking as well.

Corinne said...

Love the boots :)