Sunday, January 28, 2007

Are you freaking kidding me?

No tooth.


Anonymous said...

Hey there. Wanted to tell you two things. 1) You described my household in your last post - I am going. in. sane. He has his two bottom teeth and we are waiting on the top ones. I envy those women that say their DC's aren't bothered by it! 2) I thought you'd get a laugh out of the fact that Noah picked his lovey. Out of all the cute, fuzzy blankets and animals in his crib, all he wants when he goes down is this:

What I call my "comma pillow" - the one I've had since I was pregnant. All used up and faded and gnarly. Lovely. Can't wait to see him carting THAT through an airport.


Alice said...

To look on the bright side, at least he still can't bite you while nursing!

Elena said...

Sorry about the tooth. I promise, it's coming!

BTW, tag, your it. 6 weird things about you meme. Stop by the blog to see how strange and freaky I am.