Friday, March 17, 2006

Adios, Hotel High Risk...

As though I had never left, here I am back in my bed. This kicks the ass out of my private room. The TV is bigger and has more stations, the food rocks and the "nurse" is a hottie.

Driving home was like an amusement park ride--I haven't been in a car past sunset since sometime in January. I haven't breathed fresh air in two weeks. Everything except being in bed seems surreal.

The cats fell right back into their, "She's mine." "No, she's mine" routine as soon as I walked through the door and I had to juggle them for the rest of the night. Abby found her favorite spot as my third pillow for most of the night and Penny clawed her way up onto the bed a few times to wake us up.

It was fabulous to listen to husband snore and the humidifier "glug-glug-glug" through the night.

I believe the little man in my belly is content as well. He has been dancing pretty much since I got back into the house. I must be sending some happy-hormones his way.

Now I just have to get through another 8 weeks...

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gringa said...

Hi Sarah and Pedro

Congratulations. I actually woke up before dawn today thinking about you and whether you had been "sprung" from the hospital.

It sounds lovely and its good that you are home ripening our boy at home. :-)

Also read Amy's blog and although, yes, you sound like soul mates, even to the cats, I hope that not all will be the same... although getting to 37 weeks will be wonderful.

I'm half-way through my trip and can't wait to get back and see you.

Love...and hang in.