Thursday, March 16, 2006

My cervix is more incompetent than your cervix....

If there were a prize for the least competent cervix around--I would so win that sucker. Hands down. I mean this thing is USELESS!

So the wheelchair o' doom showed up at 2:45 (that's close to 9am, right?) and sped me down the hallway to the testing center. I have nothing nice to say about the woman who actually did my exam--she didn't warm the ultrasound goo and she basically diagnosed me into tears with her "oh, that's a short cervix. You're not going home today," crap. I just kept repeating to myself--"she's wearing Betty Boop scrubs--she's not your doctor". That brought me some relief, but I still ended up crying while I watched my teeny tiny cervix on the screen. I swear it was laughing at me.

Indeed, it is shorter. 1.2cm thickness as opposed to the whopping 1.7cm I had going for me two weeks ago. I own the incredible-shrinking cervix.

However, this does not seem to alarm the doctor (the one NOT wearing Betty Boop scrubs; she prefers the more subtle printless blue; go figure). After a fabulous internal exam (apparently of my throat), she announced that the cervix is still closed and the cerclage is holding very well, therefore there's no reason why I can't go lie around at home instead of lying around here.

I take comfort in Amy's blog (, as I seem to be freakishly following her story, almost to the cervical measurement. She spent 17 days in the hospital to my 14, but she was also sent home at about the same measurement and she managed to hold on until the cerclage removal at 36 weeks AND a couple of weeks after it to boot. Fingers crossed that my cervix is as much of a trooper. Let's all pray for some scar tissue, shall we?

But here I sit, waiting for husband to arrive. I am giddy about spending quality time at home with husband and kitties. However, I will miss the nurses and the 6am visits by random residents asking me if I am bleeding or gushing fluid (like I might wait until their 6am rounds to announce it, if I were....) And have I mentioned my deep admiration for the kitchen staff? They will be greatly missed. (snicker, snicker)

There will be changes, however, at home. Where once I felt free to climb the stairs 3-4 times a day when at home, that luxury is a thing of the past. I will now be restricted to the bed entirely, much as I am here. I will get to journey across the hall to the bathroom only when necessary.

Although, I have to say, I'm not sure it matters one way or the other. When I was taking the stairs a couple times a day, my cervix was measuring 3cm. Seems to me it enjoyed a good climb.
Maybe it just needs some exercise and fresh air.

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