Tuesday, November 07, 2006

A Flock of Ethans...

So, this is what happens to my son's hair when it is not properly combed after his bath.

This bizarre curly-q mohawk is a spontaneous example of the unruliness that is my son's hair, unless of course he is sneaking out of the house, stealing the car and joy-riding into the city under cover of darkness to get his hair styled at some after-hours baby salon that his father & I are unaware of.

If that is the case, he should be a real treat as a teenager.


Amy said...

HA!!! Oh my gosh his hair is awesome. I love it.

Love the title -- I laughed out loud.

obabe said...

Ha! My Adam had the same thing going, till finally the pompadour was driving me crazy and i cut it off. I think I shocked it into submission, because now his hair is stick straight for the past two months. But Ethan looks adorable!