Friday, November 17, 2006

Tis the Season....

So, being Jewish (or as we joke considering how lax we are at this point in our lives, "Jew-ish"), and the parents of an infant, we are faced with the dilemma of how to integrate the secular components of Xmas (that how the non-Christians write it, right?) into a celebration of Hannukah.

As a child, a Hannukah bush decorated in bright primary colors adorned the top of our TV (one of those big 1970's television consoles). Lights & tinsel in non-Xmas colors pop into my memory and can be found in the pages of my childhood photo albums. My mom's side of the family celebrated Xmas and my Dad's celebrated Hannukah. It never confused me as a child; I knew which one went with my religion and which one was just for fun. Even still, I loved Xmas carols and everything about the Xmas season. I wonder now if my parents ever feared I was going to come home from school one day (oh yeah, I went to Catholic schools--that's a whole other post) and declare that I loved Jesus.

As an aside, I did for a very brief time in the third or fourth grade consider becoming a nun. Something about it appealed to me (I'll wait for you to stop laughing before I go on). But then Laurel told me I had to be Christian to be a nun. Well, that put an end to that career path. Because, again, I was never confused as to what my religion was.

But for some reason, as a parent, I don't know where/how to draw the line. Is Ethan going to want to believe in Santa? Should we get a Xmas tree and just decorate it with blue and silver? In this day and age, these decisions shouldn't be brain surgery, but to new parents trying to make the right choices for their child (good lord people, one wrong move and he's scarred for life, don't you know that??!!! yikes!!!) , it feels huge. It feels MASSIVE. It feels like Mama needs a glass of wine. Or two.

We did decide that we were going to send holiday cards. With a picture of Ethan on it. Husband & I both agreed that this year, neither of us are "family portrait quality". Our goal is to be freaking hotties for next year's family holiday card. We will light up the mailboxes and mantlepieces of friends and family with our thin, perfectly in shape gorgeousness

So today I took pictures to use for the card. Please enjoy, Internet. And happy whatever holiday you celebrate.


Anonymous said...

Happy chrismahanukwanzukah

Amy said...

OMG THE CUTENESS. You can't contain that cuteness!!!

Husband and I are different faiths. We're raisng Jack with no religion. Total heathens.

But we have a tree and a menorah every year. It's all about the presents really!

miraclebaby said...

so cute!!! i say, send Hannukah cards. no christian i know would be offended by that. whatever you decide, ethan is loved. you're great parents.

Genevieve said...

We send "Happy Holidays" cards - my relatives are Jewish and my husband's are Christian. We're raising the kiddo Jewish, and we celebrate Hanukkah with a latkefest and candles. We don't usually decorate for Hanukkah, but we may this year. We've never done Santa for the kiddo.

Anonymous said...

Sorry this is a bit late, but I like the 2nd picture best.

Decorate your home for Hannukka, Menorah, candles, etc. Do a present a day for 7 days, when Ethan's old enough to understand. It doesn't matter this year. Do the Xmas thing at other peoples homes and send Christians Christmas cards, Jewish friends and family Hannukka cards.