Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Deep Thoughts....

Here is Ethan, sharing what, from his enthusiasm I can only assume is the meaning of life, via his own cryptic dialect of Screetchese.

Untitled from tekiedude and Vimeo.


Dana said...

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Anonymous said...

Cryptic? Are you kidding? Clearly he's saying, "Get. me. some. ice. cream. now!"

Love the steps, too!


Anonymous said...

I love the screeching! He is too funny. Clearly him & baby Beluga (okay, Toddler Beluga) would have A LOT to talk about. lol

Susan T said...

Stop it! That has to be the cutest thing ever! He really has something to say!

Sarah said...

OMG-- Harry talks like that, too. I swear the naighbors think we're abusing him with all the screeching-- what a cute video!