Sunday, August 05, 2007


Um. Wow. It's freaking hot. It's been in the 90's for the past week here & threatens to continue to reach temperatures "surface of the sun" hot for the next several days. It is hard to overstate just how uncomfortable it is anytime you step out of an air conditioned environment.

Until further notice, Ethan and I will be spending our afternoons at the local splash park, working up the courage to let go of the big round globe sculpture and actually introducing ourselves to the spouts of water. Of course, the whole situation would be a lot more Ethan-friendly if there weren't scads of croc wearing 5 and 6 year olds throwing themselves in front of the sprays, which at once blocks access to the spout itself and sends sprays of water willy-nilly. And by willy-nilly, I of course mean, into Ethan's unsuspecting eyes. That always makes for a fun few minutes, complete with screaming and blind attempts to find Mama. And then there was the girl, clearly European, who thought the water spout was her own personal bidet and sat on the water over & over again. I couldn't help but think she should really wait a few years to try that when it could actually be of some use to her. Either way, Ethan managed to get somewhat wet, without ever really encountering the actual sprays of water.

Note my son's extensive "world travels" at the splash park

Such joy, pre-soaking

After his first encounter with a big kid spray-by. Less than thrilled.

Ooooh, Mama. Maybe this isn't so bad.

Ethan makes a daring attempt to make contact with the spout. Sadly, moments after this picture was taken, he was foiled by the arrival of "bidet girl".

Ethan's look implores me not to make a horrible pun-y comment about him being a "worldly guy", but it can't be helped. He wouldn't let go of that damn mosiac globe until it was time to go.

He's spent too much time with the cats. This is how Ethan let me know it was time to leave the park--a good head bonk to the shins, which he's apparently learned from the kitties is a clear indication that either a.) his food bowl is empty or b.) he's ready for a nap. Considering choice "a" is more of a feline concern, I'm going to go with choice "b" on this one.


Ashley said...

What a fun place- I wish we had something like that around here! Love the last photo.

Sarah said...

OMG-- Harry loves the splash park, too, but it's always awkward for the adults-- I mean, we get wet, but swimsuits don't seem to be the dress code. Found that out the hard way when I stripped down to a skanky bikini beofre I noticed that everyone else was, um, clothed. Love his crabby face after getting splashed-- too cute!