Monday, March 15, 2010

Sick Day

So we spent our day like this:

because the child, he was sick. We awoke to coughing and a nose whose snottiness knew no bounds. Your basic all around good time. You know when you suggest to the child who is otherwise a frenetic blur of activity that perhaps he might want to lie down on the couch...and he DOES it, willingly, and pulls the blanket up over himself, willingly, that perhaps you have a sick kid on your hands.

Oy. No fever. But still, I felt I had to take him to the pediatrician to be sure it wasn't settling in his lungs. Pneumonia has torn a swath of destruction through this family over the past year and it's gotten us all a bit jumpy about chest colds. And? It's been a long time since I've been "that" mom (and by this particular "that" I mean the one who is hyper-vigilant about pediatrician appointments at the slightest sign of illness, as opposed to all the other types of "that" moms, which incidentally, I have also been).

So we spent our day lying around and cuddling and surely passing germs back and forth--I'm looking forward to Thursday when I wake up with a hacking cough and a head full of concrete.

We were lucky to find the world's most efficient pediatrician's office; the nurse was calling Ethan back before I'd finished signing the co-pay. The doctor came in, did all her doctor-y stuff, and diagnosed Ethan with a cold. And I felt, you know, like "that" mom. But at least I can go to sleep tonight without worrying that my kid's got bronchitis or anything medical-attention-necessary like that.

To compensate for my inability to make Ethan feel better, I bought him these:

so that I could be yet another type of "that" mom. I'm not sure where it comes from, because he's not even seen the whole movie all the way through, and he has NO idea that the DVD set is being re-released this month, but suddenly Ethan is obsessed with all things Toy Story. He even does an eerily spot-on imitation of Buzz Lightyear. Weird. But Buzz and Woody lifted his spirits until it was time for bed.

Tonight we put him to bed all dosed up on Benadryl (go ahead and judge, but otherwise he spends his night trying to breathe through sludge and NO ONE gets any sleep) and I hope that he wakes up in the morning feeling a little bit better. Poor little bean.


Dana said...

I swear we live parallel lives. I was "that" mom on Sat when I brought E to the Dr to find out that his Strep Throat was really just a virus. Then we went to Target to buy a Lego because I felt so bad and while I was there, I picked up some benedryl so that we could both get some sleep. A Mom's gotta do, what a Mom's gotta do!

Sarah said...

LOVE your pillows-- very springy!

Toy Story is the BEST-- I am really excited about #3 that comes out H's b-day weekend.

Hope E feels better- he's so darn cute, even when he's sick.

Becca said...

Poor baby!! No judgement on the drugging here! Our ped gave both boys a prescription he referred to as "baby Robitussin" and it has saved Charlie from many ear infections and sinus infections, I am positive. Hope you are both feeling healthy soon!

Corinne said...

I'm a big Benadryl believer. You do what you gotta do! Hubby is sick right now, so I'm almost positive we'll be in your shoes in another day or so. Hope he feels better soon!

Monica said...

When it's your child, you can never be too sure. I was at the dr's 3x in the last week and I'm a nurse! Litte E is so stinkin cute.