Thursday, March 11, 2010

What Would Stacy & Clinton Do?

When I was a giant heap of gross this past weekend, I spent easily 7 hours groaning on my bed watching TLC's What Not To Wear--the only non-exploitative show I think TLC bothers to produce these days (and okay, it's kind of exploitative in a let's-laugh-at-how-horrifying-this-person-looks! kind of way, but then they make her look SO. MUCH. BETTER. If that's exploitation, sign me up).

I love Clinton and Stacy. Love love love. They are snarky in a way that might make me cry if I was in their mirrored 360 room, but when I am tucked in bed, clad in my plaid pj bottoms, striped moccasin slippers and hole-y t-shirt, safely hidden from their ever so fashionable and judge-y eyes, I love them. I am always in awe of how they are able to look at a person's body and figure out what is going to make them look rocking, even when the starting point seems hopeless. It gives me hope.

Because I will tell you, people, fashion-wise? I am hopeless. I spend my life in jeans (which are thankfully my smallest pair again--bye-bye, hormonally induced weight insanity!) and t-shirts. I buy cuter things, but more often than not, they languish unworn in my closet because who do I think I am, getting all decked out for a day of blogging and chasing my kid around? Oh, and washing dishes. Does that really call for scarves and sweaters and 15 different pairs of trousers? Well, if I wanted to be fashionable, it would. Right? I am a walking advertisement for "BEFORE" or "DON'T". I need Stacy and Clinton.

Which is why I was kind of confused, but flattered AND motivated, when my friend Sarah , who I find very fashion-forward, invited me to participate in a new blog she's starting about mom-style. It is a collective effort of a number of moms with a variety of different styles; some are passionate about fashion and comfortable with their style; and others, like me, have a more tentative grasp of fashion and what looks good on them, or are still digging their way out of momfrumpdom (what? it's a word) to redefine their new senses of style.

I am not sure what my contribution will be to the blog in terms of inspiring a readership to dress and step out in style. I am hardly going to revolutionize anything by saying, "Jeans & a t-shirt, people!!!" But I am pretty sure that participating in the blog is going to a.) give me lots of fabulous ideas from all the other ladies who will be writing and b.) motivate me to really put myself through my own little "what not to wear."

You can find us at Stop by and say "hi," won't you?

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Corinne said...

I'm terribly afraid that everything I post over there will be a big fat DON'T!!
But I'll try :) Can't wait to see your posts!