Sunday, February 12, 2006

Pioneer Woman....

So the power went out last night. The 4 inches of snow we got apparently pushed the power company to it's limit and at 11:45 pm, as I surfed the web and watched some Olympic speed skating (have I mentioned that the Olympics are saving me?), the world around me went dark (minus my computer screen; but really, without an internet connection, what good is a computer?).

Hm. What does a woman on bedrest do when the lights go out all around her and she's home alone? Oh, yeah, Pedro was on a "get out of prison" evening-pass, so it was me, the cats and the little man in my belly.

I'll tell you what she does. She sits there. Eventually she decides to feel around for some matches to light a candle and make peace with the dark, like a pioneer woman. If a pioneer woman had a cell phone. Fat lot of good it did me.

Husband was at a party where apparently his phone was invited, but cell phone service---not so much. So I left increasingly frantic messages on his voice mail..."hey there, just wanted to let you know the power has gone out here and it's a little freaky to be alone. Coming home soon?"

Nothing. Fifteen minutes later, a simple text message "Power is out".

Nothing. Twenty minutes later, it occurs to me that the power being out might not be my biggest problem (or a problem at all--I mean, really). Next voice mail, "Ummm, it's been a half hour since I last called and now its not only freaky to be in the dark; I"m thinking you might be in a ditch somehwere. Maybe you give me a call when you get this"...

Thankfully, Pedro was not in a ditch at all, but just toting around a fairly useless cell phone. He was home shortly after and I didn't even have to go into my crazy pregnant lady, "What if I had needed you for something? What if I had gone into labor or needed to go to the hospital?!" shpiel....He was already way ahead of me and we agreed that from now on, a land-line would always be involved in his travels away from home.

Note to self---when the power goes out at night, turn off everything that WAS on....2:45am turned into a freaking disco at our home when lights, tvs, clock radios, answering machines, EVERYTHING turned back on...

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