Monday, February 13, 2006

welcome to week five...

It's Monday--the beginning of an exciting new adventure in laying around! Actually, Mondays are generally good days--it's when the anticipation of the weekly doctor's appointment begin; Tuesday is "check in with your cervix" day. The magic wand of the ultrasound world (I will never forget my husband's face when he first saw the nurse pull that thing out, lube it up and slip a condom on it--it could have been a mastercard commercial--"transvaginal ultrasound wand--$500; ky jelly for wand--$2.50; condom for wand--$1.75; the look of horror on your husband's face when the nurse whips it out---priceless"

So tomorrow I am hoping to hear those 4 little words that make my week: "It's still 3 centimeters"...and yes, I begin thinking about it the moment I wake up on Monday morning. Only 24 hours until I get a few breaths of fresh air; only 24 hours until I am allowed to walk around in the outside world like a regular person (even if it is at a new, slower speed--old ladies in walkers can zip by me now); only 24 hours until I get to put shoes on! And, if we're really lucky and the doctor isn't totally swamped, she might even let us see the peapod dancing around in there.

And, as if that weren't enough excitement, I am going to learn how to knit today. Yes, I said knit. A friend of mine is coming over to teach me the finer arts of "knit one, perl two" and hopefully that will occupy my time and maybe even serve the practical purpose of clothing my son. Okay, really, I can't type that without giggling--I am going to end up knitting in one continuous line for the next three months, and we all know it...

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Sarah said...

Ooh, I love to knit. You are so lucky to be on bedrest so you can knit. :0)

Glad you wandered over to my blog so I could find you. Bedrest will probably be the hardest thing you ever do -- and in the end the prize is worth every last heartache.

I'll be here cheering you on!