Thursday, April 20, 2006

Free at last!!! Free at last....

well, sort of. I am, relatively speaking, "free". Yesterday I would have described myself as being on "strict bedrest" and today, I am magically just on "bedrest". Ahhhhhhhh, how I love getting rid of the word "strict".

Today the nice doctor told me that I can go out (yes, leave the house!!!!!!) a couple of times a week and that I am free (there's that word pretty) to move around the house a bit more. I'm not to take up jogging or anything like that & I have to check my blood pressure after any activity to ensure that going from 0-25mph doesn't send me into a pre-eclamptic frenzy. That seems fair to me---I can comply with that. Thank you, nice doctor!!!

First stop---Target. I needed something to wear--the last item of clothing I bought was in January; you can't wear a sweater in DC in late April--unless you want to sweat and be smelly. So I needed a bit of Liz Lange to get me through the last few weeks of this chapter in my life. I knew I was going to be wheelchair-ing it, but I had no idea what was in store for me...

Repeat after me: Motorized, sit-down shopping cart. Oh yeah--I highly recommend it. After I got over the feeling that I should be wearing a sign around my neck that said, "I'm not lazy, but my cervix is!!!" so that people wouldn't judge me for being a fat, lazy bum, it was really fun to zip around the aisles.

Of course, there was one huge draw-back to the cart. Much like a giant truck, it makes a deafening "beep beep beep" noise when you back it up. As if I wasn't already aware of the size of my ever-expanding body, that "watch out!!! watch out!!! fat lady coming through!!!!!" warning really felt goooooooood. Because nothing boosts self-esteem like the knowledge that your hulking form in the aisles of Target poses the danger equivalent to a 2-ton truck on the road...yeah. That's great. Thanks.

But I did get some clothes for me and a few things for the little man. It was brilliant. I never would have thought a trip to Target would feel so fulfilling--and next time I'm going to make a list....I will be unstoppable!!!

I am already planning outtings for the next couple of weeks. Babies R Us, a manicure (dare I dream???!!!!), Starbucks (brings tears to my eyes just thinking of it!!!!) and of course, the back yard.

Husband and the parents aren't entirely thrilled with this new development. They're happy for me, I'm sure, but fretting. It's like I'm a baby who's suddenly learned to walk and now they are going to have to chase after me, making sure I don't fall and bump my head. It was easier when I was stationary and safe and easy to keep track of....I'm sure. I feel for them, I really do. The next few weeks might be a bit of challenge for them. Sarah's on the loose!


miraclebaby said...

Congratulations on the freedom! Enjoy it for me. It must feel wonderful after all those weeks!

Amy said...

Oh sweet lord I am excited for you!!!

My first outing was also to Target. We really are pregnancy soul mates. I told my husband today that if you lived in Chicago we would totally be BFFs and hang out all the time talking about our devil cervixi.

Congrats. Now don't get crazy or anything. And expect some contractions after you start doing more. Doesn't mean labor, but you can freak out your friends and family announcing "I just had one!"