Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Getting itchy....

This is the one where I freak out my parents when I say that I am seriously battling urges to get up out of bed, do a couple loads of laundry, walk around the block, go shopping, drive myself to Starbucks for a giant caffeinated, sugary beverage and try a couple of cartwheels in the backyard...

All of the latent rebelling that I DIDN'T do as a teenager (you've never seen such a goodie-goodie) is starting to chip away at my resolve to be the good bedrester. I have been in bed for 13 and a half weeks at this point and I'm not sure how much more "resting" I have in me.

My shower is this Sunday and I have already announced to anyone who will listen to me that I AM going to be spending most of the day downstairs, on the couch, out of bed, and I AM going to eat whatever I want, at least during the few hours I am being social. Part of me feels guilty and bad mother-ish for that declaration, but one afternoon, when weighed against the past 98 days during which I have been so good, really isn't that big of a deal (as long as I don't go into labor at 4pm on Sunday...)

Truly, I don't know how much more of the whole 45 degree angle crap I can take. The more they allow me up for doctor's appointments and the like, the less I understand why I'm not allowed to sit on the damn couch, either in my house or at a friend's house. It's still sitting!!!!

My fingers are crossed that the doctor is going to start loosening the chains after this Thursday's appointments. Even my hyper-cautious, nervous nelly perinatologist (who I have avoided like the plague since getting out of the hospital) told me that by 32 weeks they would start loosening their vice-like grip on me. Well, I'll be almost 33 weeks by Thursday. Something's gotta give.


Amy said...

At 33 weeks, I hear, they let you run into Target to buy new bras. Not that I have actual knowledge of that or anything. You know.

I never understood the whole "you can come to the doctor and wait for an hour while they double-book appointments" thing either. To me, no difference between me sitting there and me sitting in a restaurant. Seriously.

I am excited for you about your shower. Didn't you know -- it's the one day you can walk, sit and eat whatever you want? It's right here in the "Incompetent Cervix Handbook." Page 97. Right after the chapter with the secret handshake and the location of the clubhouse.

Becci said...

I am already getting itchy, I can't imagine what it feels like the farther you get. Hopefully at your appointment they start being less strict, you're getting close, now!