Thursday, June 04, 2009

Back To Our Regularly Scheduled Programming...

Since the blog is really about this guy:

I should probably get back to it, and talk a bit about him, huh?

I attempted "arts and crafts time" in our house last Friday afternoon. We made a really cute pom-pom caterpillar and a foam and pom-pom butterfly. It was super fun! And by "we", I mean "I", and by "super fun" I mean, "can I just have a root canal instead?"

Maybe a three year old boy doesn't really "get" the idea of arts and crafts. When I showed him the picture of the green and purple pom-pom caterpillar, he was way excited. When I pulled the separate pom-poms out of the box, though, he looked at them for a few seconds, then went off to find his Buzz Lightyear.

It wasn't until I whipped out the little bottle of glue that I could capture his attention. It seems that Ethan loves glue. Awesome. He's going to be that kid, isn't he? He came bouncing back over to the table, demanding the glue be his personal private property to do with as he saw fit--and by this I mean spreading it across the coffee table and all over as many pom-poms as he could get his hands on before I could get all "mean mommy" on him and snatch them back.

I admit, for a minute I felt a little bit like Ruby from Max & Ruby---she's such a kill-joy and is always telling Max that he can't do this or that. Part of me thought---"oh, look at the magic of exploration and discovery!" The other part? Was thinking, "Glue!!! On my coffee table!! Ack!! All those pom-poms! Must. Make. Caterpillars!"

So we compromised. Ethan got to play with a handful of pom-poms and all the glue he wanted, as long as he let me borrow the glue when I needed it. For the caterpillars. Because I made them. Myself. What? Is that weird?

Is he not the most pathetic little pom-pom caterpillar you've ever seen? I'm so proud. Ethan? Is gluey.


Becca said...

What can you do? Sounds like he had a good time. Love your catepillar!

Amy said...

This is exactly why I don't even let my kid play with crayons without me getting them out for him. I can;t stand the thought of mess. In this house. Horror.

My friend has an entire table of baskets of art stuff -- markers, paper, crayons, scissors -- that she lets her 3yo have access to at all times. That makes my eyes itch.

Cubby's Mom said...

I'm so glad I'm not the only one whose kid thinks she's way lame when she attempts to do Good Mom Crafty Stuff!

cicadalady said...

so funny. i think the caterpillar came out quite well :)