Wednesday, June 17, 2009

On the ride home...

Conversation between me and Ethan in the car, on the way home from Target.

Ethan: Mommy what's that one? (standard question any time a new song comes on)

Me: It's Jack Johnson, honey. It's called "Eyes Like That"

quiet for a moment as Ethan listens to the words.

Ethan: What's he singing about, Mommy?

Me: He's singing about a pretty girl. He's telling her he thinks she's really pretty. When a boy likes a girl, he usually tells her that she's pretty.

Ethan is quiet for a moment, apparently pondering what I've said.

Ethan: I used to do that. But I'm too big for that now.

So if you've got a daughter, you can relax--Ethan's far too grown up and sophisticated now, at 3 years old, to try to win her over with sweet talk. I guess he's moving on to throwing sand and pulling pig-tails.


Emi said...

LOL..that's awesome.... You are so good at knowing who sings what and the words - I am gonna suck at that...:-)

lonek8 said...

and I was hoping to introduce him to Izzy - who informs me quite regularly that she likes boys. I'm hoping she grows out of that before we hit the teen years!

Sarah said...

hahahaha! he's hilarious-- wish we could do a cross-country playdate.

Anonymous said...

That is hilarious!