Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Please be sure you read my title while envisioning me alternately ripping my hair out and shaking my fists in the air, screaming in exasperation.

I have been trying for two freaking days to upload a video of Ethan singing a medley of his favorite songs (ABCs, Itsy Bitsy Spider and Row, Row, Row Your Boat), to no avail. It's a minute and a half long, it's not like I'm trying to upload a feature film here. WTF, Blogger?! You're awfully technologically challenged for a fracking website!!!

Anyway, the video is adorable and turns me to a big gooey blob of love every time I look at it, but I guess sharing it is just not in the cards. And that makes me cranky.

Please check out my other blog, NoMoreFatSarah (link to the right) for some pictures of Ethan helping me bake cookies today. He is an awesome helper, I just wish he'd eat some of the cookies.

Here are some pictures from yesterday's farmer's market:

The boy is so into "cheesing" right now, I can barely snap the picture, I'm laughing so hard.

Chicks dig this guy.

Okay, so there's no fresh produce or artisan crafts displayed in these Ethan-centric pictures, but I assure you, they were taken at the farmer's market. And I love that we live in a place where I can expose Ethan to that sort of experience. We got to two markets weekly; once on Sunday morning with Husband, and once on Tuesday afternoon with friends.

I've been thinking a lot about how Ethan's early experiences are going to shape his view of the world and I'm so thankful that he will have concept of the farmer's market as part of his consciousness. I love that he will grow up around healthy, unprocessed foods and produce, grown locally and organically, and that for him, that will be the "norm" and the expectation. I hope that growing up with the farmer's market will instill in him a respect for food in a way that it's taken me a long time to get to.

The grocery store is this magical zone where food just appears, and except for the "Product of Mexico" signs underneath the tomatoes, you really have no idea where your food is coming from. Each stall of the farmer's market has it's own banner advertising the name of the farm (usually a small family farm) and it's address, and people behind the stands who are involved with and invested in the food they are selling. I love that. And I love that Ethan's going to grow up with that perspective--not just about the food, but about the people who grow it and sell it to us.

So is it obvious that I'm kind of all over the place today? Yeah, I thought so. Probably because I learned from our RE today that I am most likely going to be a Clomid drop-out. The ovaries, apparently just this side of incompetent themselves, didn't do much with the amped-up dose of Clomid this month. I'm still just rocking one serious follicle, which is what I should be making without Clomid's help. We'll have to see what this month's turkey baster extravaganza produces, but barring some fabulous feat of fertility, we'll be heading into Octo-mom territory next month with injectable fertility meds. Good times.

I'm going to try upload that video again. Someone at Blogger is laughing at me.


Cubby's Mom said...

It would be perfectly ironic if you got yourself knocked up this month with one follicle, so that's what I'm rooting for! Ethan is adorable, as always...hope he has a little bro/sis on the way ASAP!

Becca said...

Blogger is frustrating! Have you tried using Vimeo or Flickr and then embedding it on Blogger? (not that you should have to of course). The video sounds adorable!

Sorry about the bad fertility news.

lonek8 said...

after spending 14 hours trying to upload a video to Blogger this weekend, believe me I know how you feel! I guess that Blogger only takes videos up to 100MB, which is like 20 seconds or something totally useless. So I've just been uploading to youtube and embedding. good luck!

Amy said...

HATE Blogger. Hate. Hate. Hate. But here I still am blogging on it because I am too lazy to move my archives to Wordpress.

I snorted when I read "OctoMom" because holy hell, if you got preggers with multiples I would personally fly out there and document the bedrest myself. It would be all kinds of funny and we would make millions selling the footage to TLC. I can see it now...

I love the Farmer's Market. Although, you do still have to ask their practices at some stands because at ours, they are not always organic. Which defeats the whole purpose of the market for me -- I can go to Whole Foods and get all organic everything for cheaper. If I buy from the farmer, it damn well better be organic, or at least organic-minus-the-official-certification.

Grandma Bear said...

What a chick magnet! Seriously, although California is probably your ideal place, one of the most important things that the Farmer's market can instill is buying locally and tasting the difference between food that is much riper when you buy it and is real food, not like the plastic food that is in most supermarkets.

Anonymous said...

totally agree about the farmer's market. hopefully we'll be back w/ you next week on tuesday - especially since it's not ROASTING hot these days like it was a few weeks ago (and we've gotta go before it starts again...)